Bounty Hunter Shotgun should receive heavy linesman or tank

Although the ult received linesman to be at shotgun levels, it feels underwhelming for an ability that’s on such a long cooldown and meant to be more powerful. It’s effectively just one blunderbuss shot that happens to get more pellets. After actually running it and noticing the spread, it does help clear horde to some degree, but getting more than 10 kills with it is quite rare, and considering that it’s an ult to only kill 10 trash-tier units that can be killed through any other means, it’s not a valuable pick in the slightest.

The most offending issue is the ult’s interaction with armour. My expectation when using an ult is some sort of power fantasy ability that can help change the situation. When I walk into a lot of storm vermin, I expect half of them to die when I shoot out a shotgun ability. The reality is disappointing where only the front storm vermin with die, and everyone else gets tickled.

I believe giving the shotgun more cleave through heavy linesman or tank would mitigate both of these disappointments by allowing it to kill more horde to build stacks of pellets as well as kill more armoured units or at least not be completely blocked by them.


I like your idea, and I like the idea behind the extra pellets per enemy killed.

To me the central problem is it’s a primarily horde tool on a pretty long cooldown. It seems to have retained 20% cooldown reduction despite the talent description not saying so. I’d push that up to 30%, with an extra 2% per enemy killed up to 10 enemies, giving a potential 50% cooldown reduction with a good shot.

Then I’d make double shotted only be able to proc the 40% cooldown reduction once, because goddamn how is anything else meant to compete with that currently?


Personally, I want the shotgun to perform as an emergency tool where it seriously helps a situation when fired. I mean, how useful is an ult that clears horde? There are already tons of other options.

I think double shotted could be better balanced by having the first shot give 40 and the second give 20. Hitting a headshot on a low health target isn’t completely punishing, but the overall cooldown regen is nerfed.

I dunno bro, I don’t see anything punishing about getting 40% CDR, it only looks bad compared to the current possible 80%. 40% CDR is plenty for an Ult this strong, and would remain extremely competitive (if not still dominant) with the current options.

I don’t think mass modifiers are the way to allow it to cleave through armored units but I’m on board with the general concept of BH shotgun being buffed


Giving Buckshot some utility might differentiate it from the other 2 talents.

@VintageNuke @Incandescent How about buffing it to be a powerful CC knockback/stagger tool?

Double Shotted is better at penetrating armour, buckshot could differentiate itself by staggering armour.

Give it a wider spread, better knockback/stagger potential similar to Footknight Valiant/wide charge.
Scrap the extra pellets on kills idea and replace it with % cooldown per enemy hit.

Should give it more utility and offer something different to the other talents. It will give BH a little more support and improve his CC at the cost of armour penetration.


I’d be happy with this if they maybe gave it a few extra pellets base. If you were to widen the cone (which I agree with), you’d want more pellets anyway to not have potentially blank spots in that cone.

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Honestly, I’m happy with any buff to give it an identity. Its current attempt as a horde clearing ult is quite poor and is attempting to take a niche taken up by 99% of the melee weapons while being on a long cooldown without a way to refund itself.

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