Bounty Hunter: Repeater + Last Shot + Refill on Elites

Not BH main, but I occasionally toy around with him (pre and during Beta), trying to make things like Axe and Repeater work, since they seem to be the staple of his design aesthetic-wise.

From what I gathered there are a lot of opinions still on his rework, things might change and I don’t intend to go deep into it.

What I want to propose is a small quality of life change for the Repeater/Talents/whathaveyou for the aforementioned combo, since, despite a lot of weapons working with it, Repeater’s alt fire seems like a gimme’.

Currently when it procs ammo refill on Elites from shooting your last batch, it gives you 12 ammo, as it should. What it does is force you to spend 4 shots and reload before you can repeat the combo.
I don’t know how to exactly do it, since lowering Repeater’s max ammo would be a nerf, but it would be neat if the combo gave you exactly 8 ammo back to fill another volley.


I’d personally like to see last shot power’s duration increased a bit to make it a bit less micro intensive to get passable uptime.

If anything I’d prefer melee kill reload to give 2 mags for repeater pistol, but I’d settle for it just working on specials too.


Pushing RPs base ammo from 40 to 54 would give BH 81 ammo ->20% = 16 ammo through the refill on elite as it is now which means 2 full altfires.

Would also increase the sustain on BH (and WHC with +30% ammo) through scrounger to 4 ammo per crit.
Otherwise its 3 ammo per crit up from 2 for WHC/Zealot.

Weapon is very ammo hungry as is, so a 35% ammo increase isnt that far fetched considering Volley/Repeater Crossbow got 50% each.

Edit: changed a wrong sentence


It’s very ammo hungry because it takes so many shots to kill anything. It needs a damage and armour penetration buff. Increasing its ammo pool means it will probably become perfectly renewable on Witch Hunter as well.

As ammo is so vital for a ranged class, I’d just increase the buff when you run out of ammo to 20 seconds, which is definitely fair considering you’re forced either to run with a RV (and 2 ranged careers is redundant) or use the talent to give you ammo back on elite kill.

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