Bots vs. Disablers

Note: This also happens in V1

If a bot gets grabbed or pounced by a disabler special, if you continue moving forward as fast as you can before bot becomes in the downed state, that bot will teleport to you and the special disappears off the map.

For example:

  1. Saltzpyre bot gets pounced by assassin
  2. Move forward as normal or drink speed potion then continue forward
  3. Saltz bot no longer disabled, has teleported to you
  4. Assassin rat no longer exists

Tested it out with hook-rats, assassins, and leeches. As long as you continue forward BEFORE they lose all of their health, they will eventually teleport back to you. The special then vanishes off the map completely.

Does not work with human players… obviously… just putting this here in case someone decides to try it out

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