Bots Usefulness

So bots are completely useless if they don’t even shoot once unless you’re downed or disabled [in champion/legend.] Please enable to shoot when player is not in los[line of sight].

Bots will shoot, but they’ll also conserve ammo when below 50% ammo reserves. Top 'em up at ammo chests when you go past. They’ll certainly not put a player piloted Kerillian to shame with their fire rate, but they also won’t run off on their own to get downed either, so you have to take the bad with the good.

-bots see a ratling, gas or leech out of line of sight-


I honestly can’t recall them ever getting downed to do it though, nor me getting downed due to them deciding that the special needed to go away at all costs. And I play a significant portion of my matches with 3x bots.

One thing I have seen though…after fighting a horde that went a little dicey where the team had about 25% of their health left a lone globe decided to throw a globe right on top of me. Now it only hit me and downed me. The bots were like “Oh no our teammate is down save him!”…and proceeded to walk right into the poison to revive me and die.

Giving handguns to kruber and bardin is probably the only thing that’s great about bots.

ha! i did the same thing. autoaim ftw.