Bots & Solo play

What is up with the barebones broken bot system?

Half the time I get stuck with 2 Dickots and a Verbal, and every time all 3 of are level 1 veteran sharpshooters who wear exactly the same prisoners rags, each wielding only las pistols, and proceed to go down 20+ times each, and use their Blitz at the most random, worthless moments possible. They cannot carry medpacks/ammocrates/scriptures/grimoires, they can’t mark targets or follow orders, they can’t even hold their own against the horde on any difficulty beyond Uprising, and are generally a liability to a player who chooses not to just ignore them entirely.

Why can’t I play a solo mission and use my other rejects to fill out a squad, give them orders, hear them interact, and use the to complete secondary objectives instead of being forced to rely on random players in public games who steal the bots, blow up barrels, and speedrush endlessly to their deaths??

Finish this game please? :crying_cat_face: