Bots like to suicide + strange behavior

Nowadays they like to hang so much that if they find a good place, the bots go for some jump.

Into the Nest

Blood in the Darkness

They slipped and not just one of them. Not because the one wanted to help the other, and ended up hanging as well. They just hang out together.

Other thing:

  • Bots want to kill specials so hard they go for literally a hunt and wandering around.
  • Bots wont get sometimes the disabler off of a player, rather standing near, drow their ranged weapon, aiming at the player and waiting the hord to slaughter them.
  • IB bot wont revive, just pops his ult, holds block and stands on you.
  • Bots sometimes wont revive, just go in the direction where you are at, then if they see an enemy they insantly go for them, leaving you there. If you are getting killed by trashmob and a bot comes for you, and it finds a special or elite it wont revive the player, rather go and kill the spec first.

These stuff dont happen 100%, but lots of the times.

Oh running heaadlong into gunners in my bots favourite pastime, one after the other…

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