Bot line up

Dear FS devs,

I know you are still working hard on bots and other game features. I don’t know whether this has been mentioned by the community or even in-house. But consider this scenario for me please.

Currently there are 4 different classes, fine. There can be 4 players including bots in a game, fine. In a game currently there is no lock out for a class/character if double or even all 4 slots being a single class, fine. If you use the players own characters as bots you can have a diverse party, fine. But what if someone wants to play solo with bots and have 4 Veterans, or 4 Zealots, or 4 Psykers, or 4 Ogryns? Yes we can make 4 different characters of one class currently, but we have to sacrifice some even several character slots just to pick and change our bot class line up. Adding more character slots would solve this, but it would mean a vastly increasing time investment from players. Going from having to level and gear 4 classes, to essentially 16 characters that have to be leveled and geared. Not to mention having to upkeep said gear if new classes are introduced that require different weapons to perform their role.

Just food for thought.