Bop reload

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that people were talking about bop’s reload getting removed. is this true :O?

i dont play the beta so i dont know.

and yes i dont like bop reload lol

Dunno where you’re getting that info but no, the reload is still most definitely there.

Regardless, it’s still Saltz’ best ranged weapon on every class. Really really doesn’t need a buff at the moment.

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Even on BH? Crossbow is very competitive on all three careers, especially since it gets a Packmaster bodyshot.
Not that BoP needs buffing.

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It’s absolutely debatable but after running a lot of it on BH recently I’m starting to think it’s at least tied with crossbow. The rate at which you can chain delete specials/elites with or without crit is pretty huge, I think it only loses out on CWs and long distance sniping.

In general across all his classes it also has the advantage of a lower skill floor since it’s less reliant on head shots.

I’m exaggerating a bit, but it definitely doesn’t need a buff regardless.

They both two shot bodyshot at close range on WHC/Zealot for all specials. At long range, the Crossbow two shot bodyshots, while BoP takes three. The Crossbow can bodyshot Packmasters, and two shot bodyshots SV and Bestigors, which BoP takes three shots for (breakpoints are from the breakpoint calc). The Crossbow also has higher cleave and monster damage, and while it reloads only one shot, it does so slightly faster (according to the Armoury mod last I checked).

In my opinion, BoP is better for high pressure situations, but the Crossbow is superior at preventing such situations from occurring and avoiding having to clutch.

On BH, it takes longer to fire three BoP shots than one Crossbow bolt, which leads to a longer window of vulnerability. This is mitigated by it’s mobility, but it’s still slower dps.

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TBH I’m just going off feel here. Also my main test case is on my own with bots, so high pressure situations feels like it’s most of the time there. I’ve had generally greater success carrying bots through Cata with BH with BoP than anything else. That’s a lot because BH’s new talents really synergise nicely, but I think also because of BoP’s general versatility, and how much work you can do with one clip before worrying about reloading, which I’ve found enormously helpful when I need to snipe 2+ specials/elites in a row before returning to melee.

I believe your number crunching, just wanted to offer my personal experience with it, mostly with BH, but sometimes WHC too.

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So I play whc the most. from what i’ve read the reason why bop got a reload animation because at first bop was too weak (which i didnt feel like it was) and no1 was using it, and fatshark buffed its dmg vs bosses and str pot effective with it (multiplier).

then fatshark nerffed the dmg and str pot multiplier but left the bop’s reload in.

which means bop got a reload nerf, got a performance buff, then got a performance nerf, and left the reload nerf in it. thus the discussion i read about removing the bop reload

honestly when the bop had no reload it was better. comparing no-reload vs reload bop (i could be wrong but it’s been very long), and this is on legend mind you since cata didnt exist back then, no-reload bop 2 shot the mauler (or watever those masked 2h axe were called), 2shot the stormer/leech, 2shot hookrat/gas rat, and 2/3shots gunner,firerat (with/without tagging cuz whc 20%dmg). so to me there is no difference with the reload-version of bop which still takes the same amount of bullets to kill. If i recall correctly my 1st feed back to this “nerf” when it became live was “the reload version didnt change anything possitive”.

I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the reload.

edit: I just remember i think the reload version does a bit better vs armor (which isn’t that useful of a buff cuz u melee armor)

edit some more: I can’t wait for this patch to come live already and play around with it lulz

IMO BoP is good at one thing in particular and not much else: killing specials in high pressure situations with low aim and breakpoint requirements. When you look at the rest of its performance, it falls short: very low cleave, low armor damage (3-4 shot to kill SV), low boss damage, and very long reload. So, I take it on WHC and Zealot as a dedicated special killing sidearm, since that’s what it excels at.

Honestly, I don’t see what would be broken about removing the reload mechanic though. It has no cleave, so its horde killing power would still be poor. Its boss damage is bad, so removing the reload wouldn’t matter much there either. You may be able to kill a large group of SV more easily, but at 3 ammo per kill you’d blow through your entire ammo pool doing so.

Alternatively, they could make it a more well rounded weapon by touching up some minor stats, and then leave the reload. Maybe more ammo and cleave akin to Kruber’s repeater handgun, since that’s BoP’s closest analog gameplay wise.

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