BoP as new RV weapon? RV needs a bit more variety in his ranged options

It would be awesome I think. I mean, it is lore-friendly and it would give RV a new playstyle.

There’s also a miniature that’s an engineer with a brace of pistols (more like a bag, but that’s even more bardin-like)

Whether it would just be the same template as Salty’s BoP or a different approach (maybe no dual wielding and hence lesser rate of fire, but more accuracy and higher damage), I don’t mind either way. But considering RV is Bardin’s “ranged” carreer, he is a tad bit limited in his selection (well… Keri also has only 3 ranged weapons for HM and WS, but here’s me still hoping to see an Avelorn Starfire bow for HM :smiley: ).

Could be something for the next DLC, eh? Eh? eeeeeeh?:slight_smile:

I’m all for giving RV more actual ranged weapons to use. If he were to get a pistol weapon however, it would most certainly have to use different mechanics. Maybe a reloadable pistol (one designed to be reloaded, rather than adding it as a mechanic years later).

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Pistols would be an interesting addition to his arsenal, maybe with a pistol whip as a secondary attack. I’d love to see throwing axes added to his collection, too. I also wonder about the triple-barreled gun used by the Dwarf Engineer in the Warhammer Online trailer. Dunno where it would fit in his arsenal, though, what it would do that sets it apart.


aaaaah warhammer online … :cry: :sob:

I could also very well see that, a more powerful version of repeating handgun. Just 3 barrels, slower rate of fire, but more

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Give Ranger throwing axes! Awesome and lorefriendly.

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Sure, that would also be neat. But I was just thinking that giving him the BoP would require less effort, because it would essentially require just the model. The damage template and animations are already there. :slight_smile:

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