I am not sure on the idea i have, and many would with probably verbally kill this thaught… BUT i was thinking of the bombs in Vermintide 2 and maybe it would be nice with a third bomb? A trap like bomb?

If you are ONLY here to slaughter me with you word on my idea, don’t bother typing on this thread.


We already have one!

Bardin’s Smoke Bomb! :smiley:

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Had it not been for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you.
I like the idea of a trap bomb. In fact, debuffs would be cool. A snare makes a lot of sense from the get go.

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i ment a bomb that all characters could use :slight_smile:

we do not live in the same country so :P.

but yes a snare bomb would be nice, it was a “open” question so idea’s for my idea is welcome :slight_smile:

Let us get contraband fireworks to throw around

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Here’s some ideas I had:

  • The third bomb could be a flash or smoke bomb that stuns/blinds enemies for a few moments. Maybe 5 seconds.
  • A snare trap that traps a small group of targets for 10 seconds. Would prioritise bosses, elites and specials over horde infantry.
  • A wall of fire spell for Sienna that tier 1 and 2 infantry can’t move through. Would be quite broad and deal damage to enemies that touch it. Wouldn’t affect allies or deal a low amount of friendly fire damage. Once cast, it would last 7 seconds. Could be an alt fire for a staff. Quarter of the heat bar maybe?
  • Huntsman’s arrows could pin infantry they don’t kill to walls, disabling them for 4 seconds (mostly for fun factor).

Fatshark does have to be careful regarding how much control they add to the game, but I think these things could also make RV a lot stronger too (probably a good thing) because his talents would already synergise with some of these ideas.

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The stun/blind will be the most balanced imo, i think it would be a great add to the game and slightly more options for cc :slight_smile:


no. reason because hordes,bosses etc has
specific locations to spawn would be kinda
silly to put down threat before fight even starts… (but if its gonna be only throwable impact that would work) but stuns and snare etc effect cannot be longer than 3 sec
otherwise it makes things too easy

Anything highly CC oriented will just be “exploited” to make patrols and bosses even easier. Generally i like more of the idea of some kind of landmine traps you could potentially set before fight brakes out however they cannot bee too impactful or otherwise they could be stacked to delete something in an instant.


a throwable impact bomb is already in the game so why do you want another one ?

and think of a trap bomb like a fire bomb but you place it on the ground and it does like poison damage or electric damage

like i typed to Guymero think of the trap bom lika a fire bomb that you place down on the ground instead of throwing it, and instead of fire damage it does poison or electric damage

about impact i mean it fuses in impact like fire one is impact … ‘‘mine’’ type bombs i don’t think they are good for this game biggest reason was everything spawns specific points . there is traits like 20% more dmg and %chance to not consume +bardin smoke bomb talent causing mines to be way off balance. and if they are filled with snare blind etc without consume 3sec actually goes way over 10 sec …so getting something like that in game talent and trait need rework

(and if i think little more of these mines ‘‘what someones want’’ would be worst bomb type what you want this game it takes 2 of the big threats out completely hook and assassins, you hear one coming place mine on your foots what does not do dmg at all but it stuns etc specialists where you may need team mate help )