Bombers in chokepoints

That is kinda their job though. To restrict your movement and force you to move around differently than you would otherwise. Choke points are perfect for that.

You can always fall back to a more open location. The bomber will follow you and you can kill it no problem.


they are meant to restrict your movement, sure. Preventing you moving at all is not their role, & leads to frustrating gameplay, & it should be pretty easy to fix, simply flag areas they can’t target.

idk I get their area denial function, but it shouldn’t be happening where you have no choice which way to go, that’s just an irritating speedbump.

Just retreat. Lure them in, be smarter than a scripted NPC.

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Nevermind out of sight. If they entered the map at distance you should have time to react. What is broken is the door system and specials spawns. I run into numerous cases where you have no time to react to a pox burster literally jumping straight into the explosion animation from a door behind you. Hounds which you can hear howl FAR AWAY and being at your throat a second later without any warning, again most likely because they magically teleported to a door close by.

Disablers and bursters should NOT be able to use the door system. Period.

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Wrong. You will drop down fast paced action.
They cannot despawn, so they have to run somewhere, but poxbursters usualy self-destruct before any fence, climbable obstacle and ladder.

So the real solution is: forbid despawned special (or specific specials) respawn in any spawn point close to the group in X clicks radius. Make forced manifestation for any special on respawn. But there will be other issue: players will have hard time recognition with enemy numbers.

I suppose the answer starts with a “s” and end with a “l”…

In the case of Luv I suspect the answers starts with “t” and ends with double “l”.

I think this boils down to the same problem as everything else, though: Darktide doesn’t do enough to teach new players any advanced mechanics or techniques.

In a game about forward movement, what “blueberry” player (to use a term from multiplayer first-person-shooters) is going to think of tactically retreating? Much less a team of match-made players. Tactical retreats require vocal communication and we all know how few people have a mic in Darktide.

I don’t use a mic and I have difficulties to understand long sentences in english.
That being said, I use AHK to launch sentences in the chat… like “Back!” or “Medikit down”

At first, I use AHK to fix my problem with the running key binding.
Now, I have one key that permits me to switch between running or walking. But, by the same time, I tried to put commands to send messages in chat and succeeded to do it.
That’s sad to rely on third party app for such things.


why u can do it, and they cant? Pretty fair game mechanic as on me, blame your vets for not being able to delete them fast enough or your frontliners for being a pussies to run out of lift and take their attention for a few seconds so u can breathe… Personal take - just a bad teamplay.

Thats by the way was one of my chapters in OBT review to them. Probably ignored :slight_smile:

Just start using mic? U will never get better at English if u dont using it…

Yes, you sound awesome. Well done for being proactive! Unfortunately, Fatshark has no control over whether or not people use voice communication. They do have control over whether the game teaches new players literally anything though. That problem started with Fatshark.

Still happening. Still annoying. Almost caused a team wipe today when we were repeatedly targeted by a bomber in a stairwell, that nobody could get eyes on.

Almost a wipe is not a wipe, but you get through and it felt good :).

No, sorry, this is their whole point just like blight stormers in Vermintide 2.

They are meant to split up the group, and a good group will not be split up by them or manage to work around it (I often get split up). This is absolutely working as intended and the game is much richer for it with more strategic depth.

Then there may very well be some fine-tuning that still is required to be done.

Just a little correction… it´s actually a gasrat without the Al-Qaida option, which has been shifted to the Poxbursters.

But yeah, bombers work as intended. They shouldn´t be nerfed or buffed, they´re completely fine.

Chokepoints are easy abusable to kill enemies, so it´s actually great to have an enemy countering them.

I get your points about the elevator etc… yes they can block map-progress, but how about just killing them? Sounds stupid i know, but it´s actually stupid to take that elevator without clearing the room first. And it´s your choice to run blindly through the fire or not.

Even if we talk about the worst scenario, were you fight a horde in a corner or so… then yes, you´ll probably die to a bomber. But then it was probably your mistake that you dropped to early, didn´t position correctly, etc…

TLDR: Bombers are fine.

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I actually think its an important difficulty modifier. The bombers are the best way to split the team up rn. I do wish the grenade would stun nearby enemies like it does you though. I never understood why a poxwalker could just walk through a grenade going off unimpeded but you got stunned.