Bomb Commentary Patch 1.0.8

Am I the only one who is no longer getting other characters commenting on a failed bomb toss. Prior to the 1.0.8 patch, a wayward bomb throw that hit nothing would get sneered and snarked at by the other characters, but now I can throw about to my hearts content and no one seems to say anything.
Bug, or new omission?


I am not 100% but yes, I have actually noticed a deficiency of hearing these particular lines. I’ll have to go in and check, but it started at 1.0.8 beta and seems to presist in live. I’ll write an edit about this soon. I’ve noticed a TON of sound-related issues occuring in this version (beta + live). It’s a shame because the “bomb-miss” dialogue is some of the absolute best there is in Vermintide.

EDIT: Can confirm. It’s missing on me for several characters, I’m pretty sure it’s for 'em all.

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Yeah I definitely think some of these lines were funny and this probably qualifies as good examples of the characters smack talking each other. It always sucks to hear that when you just wasted a bomb but the lines were funny and voiced and written well.

The one with Bardin and Saltzpyre is pretty funny when Bardin mocks the way saltzpyre talks.

ye, they be missing.
Loved Salty / Sienna, like all their interactions. “Perhaps… I was aiming for you?”.

Can we please have some input on wheter this has been confirmed as a bug or if it’s being tracked? @knivspark
(I have not played the yet FYI to see if they’re back.)

There were apparently a lot of complaints from the community that there was too much banter between characters, so Fatshark axed quite a bit of dialogue I.e. the bomb miss chatter, as well as making in match banter that wasn’t scenario related much less common.
In my opinion, it was infrequent enough already, and personally I’d like the option to have it back, or at least able to be toggled.

It’s in our bug tracker, but not the highest priority issue right now.


You know, its actually detrimental to keep saying things like this without revealing the current “highest priority issues” or any information on whats going on outside of scattered replies on steam, reddit etc.

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