Bodvarr's Axe Aim

I’m not entirely sure what happened there.
I played War Camp with randoms as a client (that might be important).
We got to the boss fight and during it I captured a moment of Bodvarr shortly changing direction right after throwing his axe that I was supposed to dodge. That hurt my hubris really bad.
I’m not entirely sure of how to reproduce it as well as how long it exists and if it was fixed and came back.
Here’s the video:
If you watch it at 0.25 speed, you might notice that axe changes its trajectory as well.
So, is it really a bug? Or have I goofed and messed up a dodge, but axe throw works as intended and all of it’s caused by network latency?


It´s even more bonkers when he switches aggro in the last few milliseconds and the axe flies either directly sideways or outright backwards from the direction he faced and seemed to throw towards.

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