Blunderbuss is OP with the new huntsman (and other huntsman stuff too I guess)

My initial reaction

Also, I didn’t drop under like 20 ammo, and I got 1130 headshots, but that’s just funny to look at.

Proc’ing free shots with bash is also a thing, so I’d actually leave a single trash mob alive and spam bash to force a free shot.

Walking in small circles was fun. Going in a circle with wasd was a skillful way to get more stacks of headshots.


Personally, I don’t even know where to begin with actually balancing it besides rescinding a lot of the changes, doing a major overhaul to some system, or making the blunderbuss not count.


Same story with Handgun (though by the looks of the numbers, possibly not as apocalyptic).

Ammo conservation was no longer a thought, Huntsman is now just another ranged spammer. I really enjoyed how he really needed to place his shots with care before.

There has to be a better way of opening up new playstyles.


I think one possible change is to reduce the max number of stacks. 10 stacks is quite a lot, and the blunderbuss enjoys 20 free ammo a lot.

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Changing the condition for gaining and losing stacks would be a nice ballancer too.

I dont really like the “walk to gain stacks” idea, as its too map dependent, if you’re on an event it encourages running in circles…

what if it was something like this:

every X ranged hits gains 1 stack, headshots do not consume a stack, missed shots consume 1 stacks

and like you say, lower the max stacks.


I actually like this rework quite a bit. I do think it needs tweaking, but it’s a lot of fun, whereas previously I didn’t like running Huntsman that much.

One thing I dislike is the generation method of Sure Shot. It’s just weird, forcing you to walk in circles. I’m sure a better generation method can be thought of. Even a timer would be better, honestly.


I think a ranged based method of generating sureshot would be better. One option is keeping the number of max stacks and making generation actually based on hitting headshots.


Huntsman is kinda busted right now.
Extremely easy/braindead. A point and click adventure with handgun.


Try the bluntsman lol. It’s look in a general direction and click.

Generating stacks of Sure Shot with headshots honestly isn’t a bad idea.

I already know, it’s silly.

Your weapon choices are:
50 Cal sniper
Literal nuke launcher

and empire longbow doesn’t gain Sure Shot headshot damage on body shots so it’s kinda the most balanced right now.


Only balanced because it doesn’t work speaks a lot to the state of sure shot. I’d like to see sure shot generate on headshot to make huntsman a high skilled class while lowering the skill floor to actually not require aimbot to be at maximum effectiveness. I personally think generating stacks on a cooldown reduction talent is an awful idea since it’s effectively more free ammo and less skill.


Yeah I haven’t played with new Huntsman yet but the new stuff added to him looks obscene. A headshot career where you now get headshots by getting bodyshots? What happened to getting headshots? I played Huntsman before this with spear and longbow and I actually really enjoyed playing him. I thought he was a lot of fun and very balanced, and only a couple of his talents needed changes, like Master Huntsman and Longshanks. Super sad that talents like Burst of Enthusiasm got replaced as well.


Huntsman was not balanced compared to Waystalker or BH.

People act like the changes are complete bonkers, meanwhile Waystalker has Bloodshot and BH Blessed Shot. The only thing that needs tweaking is the Blunder. It was already the only strong gun Huntsman could use and now, when he got buffed it obviously had to get turned into a BFG. That needs fixing. Having a body shot count as a headshot every 50 steps is hardly something mindbreakingly OP.

Two shotting a cata CW with the Handgun and the new Passive needs two stacks, One in the Eye, Enhanced Power and three properties, which removes the ability to body shot kill specials.
On Bow it doesnt even work atm, because its bugged.
Repeater hardly has a benefit from the passive, since specials still need the same amount of bullets.
Even the Blunder has Issues. Not being able to kill Maulers at all when Sure Shot stacks are up is quite akward.


I think it’s neat how the passive gives movespeed more purpose, and I really like how it synergises with the new Longshanks.

That aside everything else is obviously hilariously broken. I don’t want them to abandon the idea altogether, but oh wow does it need work.

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Huntsman was already pretty good before now he is bonkers for sure.

20% infantry, 10% chaos and 10% armored + One in the eye and enhanced power covers most breakpoints. HS can body shot every special without stacks, the exception being wargors.

4 auto headshots to kill a CW, 2 in Hunter’s Prowl… 1 shot with a crit.

Plus, it’s not just about breakpoints. Huntsman already had more thp sustain than Bounty Hunter, stealth, more control over his ammo sustain and one in the eye also affected melee, improving his melee DPS slightly too.
His skill ceiling/learning curve was much higher but so was his potential DPS; A Huntsman could get a lot done in 6 seconds of Hunter’s Prowl compared to one Locked and Loaded.

Now he is very forgiving, more DPS, more ammo sustain.
I welcome more accessibility to classes but Huntsman is currently a point and click adventure.


50 m for a free headshots sounds fine on paper, but it encourages walking in a circle with wasd, and free headshots on blunderbuss is OP since it ignores many weaknesses of it. A free headshot procs many other abilities, and one of them increases crit chance which then procs more crit based abilities. With free headshots, body shots give back 2 easily with conservative shooter for something that isn’t too hard to do.

The real offending case is the ult that gives 10 stacks of headshots. It’s a free 500 meter walk on a 40 second cooldown ignoring all the stuff that builds ult. Effectively, it builds much faster.

Maulers are high hp, and I’ve managed to one shot kill them while I was play testing on cata, and even if they’re not dead, the blunderbuss has high stagger.


It doesn’t take long, about 13 seconds of walking around, could be in a circle like you said. Which is comparable to Blessed shot cooldown.

63 second ult CD, 54 with trinket cooldown.
Point still remains, Huntsman goes from earning 10 stacks in about 2 minutes down to 63 seconds or lower.

Agree Maulers aren’t really an issue, Huntsman’s ammo sustain is silly now that it doesn’t hurt just to pump more shot at the enemies, especially with the free shot/reload speed buffs.

In my opinion, (and supposedly the high level/streamer/cata true solo people/no lifers), huntsman actually does underperform. He brings a lot of damage with no utility that other classes brings, and to maximize damage requires a ton more skill than other classes. Huntsman is quite fun, but to say that he’s just as good as another class is harder to say when starting to compare them. He’s fine in a random group because the lack of coordination and teamwork does make self reliance more important. When in a proper team, his weaknesses become more apparent.

Blunderbuss can normally kill maulers. Also no one is arguing that blunderbuss isn’t too strong with the passive. The reset ult and the blunderbuss just need another balance pass.

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