Bloodfletcher should be percentage based ammo gain

Since Fatshark are trying to make swiftbow and the repeater crossbow viable, doesn’t it make sense for them to get a more meaningful benefit from the bloodfletcher talent? You could argue that Shade is supposed to be a melee career anyway, but the repeater crossbow is Shade exclusive so I feel like bloodfletcher should be the perfect talent for it. By making the ammunition gain from backstabs be 5% of the weapon’s max ammo, it would give the swiftbow and repeater crossbow 2 ammo per backstab while keeping the hagbane and longbow at 1 ammo per backstab.


One could argue that a ammo generation Talent shouldnt be on a career that is clearly not range based. Maximum amount of ammo carried, which some careers have, is already gray enough. Ontop of that Bloodfetcher is placed in a line that does not offer anything of value but infinite ammo, unlike Merc, or Handmaiden who would actually have to give up something of value for more ammuntion.


I think the reason for ammo talents on melee careers is because the devs know how important it is to be able to deal with distant specials. Combining that with how rare ammo pickups can be on higher difficulties makes these talents really useful. If Fatshark didn’t want shades using their ranged weapons, they could make it like slayer and grail knight by getting rid of them entirely.

Also I don’t think the other two lvl 15 talents are bad by any means. Additional backstab damage can feel useless when crits instakill, but it’s not like you can crit all of the time, especially now that the bonus crit on some weapons has been removed. Not to mention that you can’t instakill chaos warriors and monsters so it always gets value there. Cloaking on backstab kills can be incredibly powerful in some situations, such as taking out patrols or finding yourself isolated. This talent can allow you to safely go behind groups of enemies which you would never be able to do otherwise. If you haven’t given this talent a fair shake in the past, I strongly recommend trying it. It’s really fun.


I think ammo generation on Shade fits well. I mean, in Warhammer Shades are primarily ranged units aren’t they? Like in Tabletop and Total War. Besides, it’s quite unique for a career like this to get ammo generation too. What’s the point in basing a career off of something if you don’t even try to make it authentic? It’d be like IB not being tanky. But I think Bloodfletcher in it’s current state is too strong. I’d probably suggest something like ammo for every elite killed.

I’d say it’s probably the melee capabilities that need to get brought down a bit.


I think that instead of buffing Bloodfletcher (and he’ll maybe we can remove it) we should make the reduced cool down for stealth give a garanteed ranged crit. Then you could keep a reasonable ammo economy on repeater by using scrounger.

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In the lore, shades are ranged based.
Even the Khainite Assassin had access to ranged weaponry.

Talent makes sense for a glass canon class who only has access to a small ammo pool.
This is also the only talent that encourages taking risks to get the backstabs.
Vanish is dodgy because unless you play on recruit, you ain’t one tapping anything that easily.
Extra backstab damage doesn’t provide anything more and pretty much a no-go as it stands now.

It’s also the only career (outside of sienna), not to overly rely on the ammo gen traits that are so prevalent. Big up to FS for thinking about a way of getting the player to actively hunt for his ammo rather than waiting for the “random crit” (looking at you salty boy)

I thought a lot of the reason bloodfletcher was considered strong was tied into how spamming hagbane into dense hordes used to refill your Ult insanely fast (mercifully patched out a while ago, of course), which in turn lead to easier backstab chains.

I almost never play Shade so I honestly have no idea how easy it is to farm ammo with this talent (other than monsters, obviously). Is that what you mean by too strong? Easy to farm lots of ammo with?

Yeah it’s mainly that Shade has overwhelming power in melee and great ammo generation to cover for horde weakness. Ranged ult refill was insane as well.

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Overwhelming power in melee…
Horde weakness…

Do you even Kruber? (I jest :slight_smile: )
Shade is currently only surviving as a melee dps because the heatshot build makes the daggers a good weapon. SnD aside, every other weapon on Shade is meh.
She lacks natural stamina regen, extra stamina, etc
She lacks offensive steroids
She only has one defensive option/tied to crit, that’s barely ok compared to other protection talents

I almost never play Shade so I honestly have no idea how easy it is to farm ammo with this talent

Basically, when a stream of enemies are coming your way, it’s not that easy to land backstabs for multiple reasons:
-If you get in an enemy’s back, that means your own back is more than likely open to the other enemies streaming in
-Enemies lying prone on the ground are not facing the direction their back is at. The animation has them fall over and have their back potentially open, but their orientation remains locked.
-With 100 base hp pool, you drop fast. Very fast
-It puts you in a precarious position when you are split from your team.

Of course, in situations where a boss/enemy is isolated, you can farm ammo of his back. But this is only true as long as enemy density remains low.

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There’s more to melee than just killing hordes. You can’t deny Shade as a powerful elite and monster killer. Also good for sniping specials. Hagbane lets you cover your weakness for hordes.

Dual Daggers are powerful elite slayers. But taht’s inherent to the weapon’s design.

Shade’s ult used to be ok at slaying stuff when the cooldown was 40seconds. Now it’s more for the occasional CW poppin.
Nowadays, if you are running the headshot build, you miss damage on the ult.
She has extra boss damage, but that is exactly what she was designed for.

I find her doing it ok, but not exceptionally well either(Saltz, Sienna, Kruber all have equal boss slaying power in their kits/weaponry).
And that’s using daggers. Anything else than daggers and her ult damage becomes laughable .

You only have 17 shots.
A special is 2 shots, doesn’t die instantly.
With the average amount of specials , it would be safe to assume half your ammo is reserved for snipping.
Leaves you with about 8 shots for hordes.

I’ve been using the hag build for ages, the only moment I whip out the hag is when density becomes unreasonable.
I consider being low on ammo just for the sake of green circling hordes an extremely bad habit because the hag is effectively your “oh sh*t” button.

I do like weaving the shots for the extra barrage power and knowing that if you spend little, you can expect to remain at a steady ammo count.

That is all just my little conceited opinion though.

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