Bloodfletcher got nerfed into oblivion

If there is a timer… Could it at least regen 10% of total ammo at once?

As it now, at the time of 1/2seconds

You take risks. And it takes about 2 minutes (lets be real that’ll never happen), to fill your quiver again.

Designed for the crossbow, yet yeeted because hag/longbow are ammo efficient weapons and shade the glass cannon can’t have range capabilities either.

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Hagbane should be Waystalker locked anyways

Fight me


Shade the glass cannon, with 20% on demand DR, and a low CD career skill that gets her out of any bad situation, while not giving up the offensive potential, since it doesnt matter how long you stay inside infiltrate. The damage is always the same.

Giving such a career infinite ammo is already a weird Idea, considering the only other career coming close to Shades damage potential has no range weapon, less damage potential, no DR and no get out of jail free card.


Hagbane isn’t really ammo efficient. longbow, sure. This change is a good change, i don’t mind them making the ammo gained a % if that fixes the crossbow on shade (idk i never play shade cross).

This fixes being able to get all your ammo back on a boss instantly or a bile troll in his mechanic. This doesn’t really change getting ammo from hordes, as before you could get maybe a couple arrows from going behind. It also shouldn’t be that you spam all your arrows and then just fill it back up. The fact that you can shoot specials and get ammo back reliably without a longbow and conservative is already very good.


20% damage reduction isn’t really enough to matter at 120hp on cata. Its also not on demand as it requires a crit so if you’re not in constant combat then it wont be up at all.

Whc, zealot, bw, pyromancer, grail knight, slayer can all compete pretty well if not surpass shades overall damage dealt in a run. Most of those careers are also far more forgiving to play as they don’t fall over to light breezes while having better crowd control methods since hagsbane wont be as sustainable.

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Ah yes, the op get out of jail free card spamming, boss nuking, pat nuking, hagbane horde spamming, pat staggering, cheese incarnate career got its infinite ammo sustain nerfed slightly, whatever shall we do? Unplayable now, GG


nerfed into OBLIVION !


Its more so just a case of these mod authors, like Fatshark, not knowing what they’re doing and just nerfing everything slowly over time. Just comes off as lazy to me trying to attempt to make the good stuff bad to make the other stuff more appealing when the other options are still pitiful anyway.


Hagshade from couple days ago, Stayed together with Gk from the start.

The funny thing is that it’s probably still just as strong and this is such a minor nerf.

Edit: Hidden irrelevant stats to make the reason for this screenshot more clear.


That GK must have been afk…
Or busy watching the scenery.

Stayed together from start to finish, he didn’t go down aswell.

Getting green circles like that isn’t super impressive if your team plays like garbage so you do all the work instead. I also assume this was done on a fairly long map with an event taking longer than it should’ve for further inflated numbers.

You can find excuses all you like, this wont change anything to the fact hagshade is broken, and this ‘nerf’ if we can even call it that, doesn’t even matter normally, just if you spam your ranged weapon or get all ur ammo back on bosses. There should be a bit more risk involved, not just invis and BOOM full ammo. or spam all ur arrows into bile troll, wait untill he goes down and then just spam him in the back for full ammo again.

The grailknight didn’t play like garbage he just didn’t have time to kill anything. This is not about the amount of damage i did, its about the differences and about how my ranged/melee kill ratio is. Also even if Gk was garbage, then that’s even worse as then i was basically carrying alone + ib bot?

and no it’s not ‘skill’, i melee and spam hagbane. Quickswitching is a skill i guess. i was even forgetting to get ammo sometimes with bloodfletcher.


Should the devs nerf that shade feature because you, out of thousands of players, abuse it?
Better nerf Saltz ammo sustain on WHC and Zealot then, if fun is verboten…
I’d also argue that saltz’s ammo sustain is even easier than shades…


No they can leave it in, it’s super easy and fun for me aswell. i just don’t know how you can ignore and not admit how broken it is.
If i see shades longbowing elites instead of meleeing them because it’s faster and safer and they don’t have to worry about ammo, then there is something wrong.

I cannot see how whc’s ammo sustain is better than a consistent and super easy to acces ammo on backstab talent.

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Oh NOOOO! My team didn’t do anything and I got CIRCLES! Must mean op and needs a nerf. Shame I don’t have the screenshots from 1,000 kill ranger veteran games or meme thrower ironbreaker as well cause I don’t have steam overlay on all the time. Even my best shade games never really top more than about 40k damage while I’ve had far higher on other careers and I main elf, lol.


haha i knew you were gonna respond like this.

The bounty hunter game is bots only, i can reach 40K dmg on any build with bots only this doesnt rlly paint an accurate picture.

The other ones are accurate tho, assuming you were playing with those players from the start of the game and they didn’t die once. The difference here is that the Whc, zealot, slayer and kruber all have high melee kills and low ranged kills. If Whc had 1/3 or more of his kills range, then that would be a different story, and this is what i am trying to showcase with my screenshot, look at the ratio (and i was just spamming 2-3 arrows in hordes).

The screenshot wasn’t to brag or just uploaded to showcase green circles, like yours are.


In your own words:

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Whatever you say bud.


Why are you randomly quoting my sentence?

edit: nvm i know the reason. shade mains unite!

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