Blood in the Darkness suggestions

Overall a good map but I think a few points of interest would visually help spice things up a tad.

A few artistic additions to help serve as points of interest.

-Grotesque chandelier torture device with bodies hanging from it and some candles / cobwebs would be neat. Hung above old or fresh blood stains with some nearby implements for torture (brazier, tongs, pinchers, knives and such).

edit: There may already be one but it isn’t exactly easy to see / appreciate.

-One of the two outside courtyard areas could use a large bonfire. Perhaps some evidence of burnt bodies of those who were deemed unworthy for the ritual and such - or simply expired during their journey/stay in Drachenfels.

Not sure on other examples though I’ll add more if any come to mind. In general the map is pretty good but imo could use a bit more artistic flair in certain places.

edit: Starting area the tent’s textures could be looked at. They look a tad bit off to me.

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Seriously off if they belong to the U5. I’m pretty sure they used the portal for this one too. But, at the same time, it is a direct continuation, unlike any other map. (despite portals being portally and extracting them)

The map is a little too easy.