Blightstormers Spawning Out of Bounds - Intended?

Bad blightstorms can be quite problematic and when the blightstormer is giggling out of bounds you have no option but to just sort of deal with it until he appears closer. It can sometimes lead to making encounters with other enemies (patrols, bosses) much more difficult. If the blightstormer was hiding elsewhere in the level hunting him down and killing him would be an option, but when you’re at the mercy of him teleporting into bounds it can get old pretty fast.

I was wondering if this is intended, or if it’s simply unavoidable given the blightstormer’s teleport ability.

“If a blightstorm appears next to a patrol just lead them into it!”

That’s great and all but I would much rather stab a stormvermin through the eye and kill it outright than dance around a homing, acidic tornado and wait for it to go away.

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