Blightstormer Game Breaking Bug

Hi, I am having an issue with this game where any time the special Blightstormer enemy Uses his vortex attack there is about a 50% chance for the game to crash and my PC become unresponsive until I unplug and re-plug it,

this was happening 100% of the time so I tried re-installing my GPU drivers and resetting all GPU settings to default and I thought that had fixed it, however the issue is still occurring just about half of the time, It happens on both DX11 and DX12.

Does anyone know how I can fix this and is there an easier way for me to test that it is fixed as troubleshooting is very time consuming and difficult, as I have to go through a level hoping to find the blightstormer and have him use his vortex attack before he is killed by bots or other players, it would be good if there was a way for me to spawn one in with a command or something at the start of the level so i can test if the issue is fixed.

I have no other technical issues with the game or any other games.
PC specs are
GTX 1080 8gb
16gb ram
64bit windows 10
i7-3770 3.40ghz

Hopefully there is a fix because the game is unplayable at the moment, cheers.

Sorry to hear this. Has this always been an issue for you or has it started only recently?

You could try using a mod such as the ‘Creature Spawner’ on the ‘Modded’ realm. You’ll need the ‘Vermintide Mod Framework’ installed also in order to use this:

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