Blightstormer DoT damage should get reworked

The way it currently works has the player taking a fixed amount of DoT damage the moment they fall out of the whirlwind, regardless of how they fall out and when.

This is stupid and I can’t make sense of it, all other AoE effects damage you while you’re IN the AoE but Blightstormer damage deals the same damage regardless of circumstance.

You take full damage if you touch it the moment the blightstormer dies, you take DOUBLE the damage if you try to dash out of it and BW can take full damage by teleporting through it.

It doesn’t make sense in gameplay nor immersion, being able to mitigate damage during a DoT of an attack that disables you is weird.

Get rid of the DoT

Seriously, it’s an AoE attack and the damage you receive by it should be proportional to how long you are in it.
It should deal damage to the player while they’re flying in the whirlwind, not when they drop out.
This stops players from mitigating damage after dropping out and also allows players to take less damage if the blightstormer dies early while they are in the whirlwind.

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