Bizzare "knock back" friendly fire bug?

Shot hagbane at enemy, got bumped back and received friendly fire indicator on my screen. Kruber said I shot him but you can see his health doesn’t go down at all. I had received “friendly fire” dialogue a few times from allied characters before the same night despite never shooting them, but didn’t get bumped back like you see in the video.


I swear something similar happened to me, and it literally lost me the game, lol. (I’m not mad, it’s even funny). I may suggest it’s somehow related to waystalker.

I was standing on a bridge on map with buboes (again, as waystalker). I was aiming down, probably shot some arrows, and something knocked me out of the bridge. I lost lots of hp, aggroed patrol, team tried to save me and we wiped eventually.

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