Big Bug List

It took me quite a while to get to it, and it’s only about half, plus for the more complex stuff like running attack etc. I would prolly have to make vids, to explain how stupid those are and why, but that is another relatively big time investement and who knows if it’s leading anywhere.

I can just look at the previous twitch 2.0 buglist thread … and see that nothing got fixed, few patches later, even the stuff like darkness not working did not get fixed :frowning: so that doesn’t make me too confident that this is time well spent.

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Since they treat this new “season” thing like the messiah, you can actually free yourself from the game.
You no longer have to check in here daily, a new season is up, you log in, get a picture how big of a mess it is and then just leave and check again in 3 months, or however long the next season is going to be.

Seems like a mix of bugs and not-bugs.

How did this happen? Was it Twitch? Did you run through the map and grab multiple bosses? This could use elaboration.

This was reported as occurring when a player jumps going through the portal.

Attack Buffering - NEEDS FIX ASAP

really want something to fix this. in the past FS have done things to alleviate some of the lag associated with this in a past patch. it was bad on launch i remember but its just as bad again on some heroes. playing kruber/sienna for example. PLEASE FATSHARK FIX THIS


That is a weave (by early beta I mean the WOM beta), I think it is W93, prolly got whole run uploaded if that is needed. But this also happens in maps with Twitch if u get two of them. Like one natural and one from twitch. Or twitch 200% spawns.

That underground Mino only happened to me once I think and it was as a host, so it wasn’t desync.

Ah I see, but that doesn’t happen 100% of time when you jump or does it ? If so why it’s not fixed already ? Or is it already fixed ? Didn’t play Skitter in past few weeks.

Yea this is nightmare, still keeps happening to me quite a bit, especially when under pressure.

Sometimes I won’t switch properly, sometimes at all, sometimes too late after the buffered attack plays out, but at that point I don’t expect it so I shoot by mistake and so on :sweat_smile:

There was zero issues, none what so ever, before this thing got introduced. It needs to go, or be as option for those who want the horrible input lag in fast paced fps game.

Would love to see response from Quake Champions players, if they shadow introduced this kind of “feature” :joy:


wait… i thought this was a by-product of something. this is a feature??? like they want this?

man u gotta be kidding me. what possible good comes out of this. someone plz explain. im talking about the input buffering thing. smh

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I see. There is no slot system for bosses in the same way as specials, as far as I know. Like if you run through the map, you can get multiple bosses. Twitch obviously can drop a bunch. I think I’ve had as many as 5+ bosses on the map at one time due to natural spawns and Twitch. Or is it that one instance of natural spawn(like the beginning of Athel Yenlui) is spawning more than a single boss at once?

Interesting. Yeah it’s something goofy. I’ve had an instance where a plague monk is floating toward the sky like it’s the rapture for all the clients and the host was confused until I showed them the clip. On their screen the monk was just standing there normally on the ground. I don’t really get what causes two instances of behaviors at the same time like that.

I tried jumping through the portal today just to test it and I either did it wrong or it didn’t down me. I’ve had the portal down me once or twice in the past, but I don’t remember ever seeing a patch note about the thing being fixed. Wouldn’t totally surprise me. Fatshark has quite a few things they do (like fixes) that they don’t always manage to get into patch notes.

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Bosses tend to teleport around when two things happen, they are climbing and at the same time they switch aggro or get punched with a staggering ranged hit (which probably switches aggro).

I feel there is something extra special instability coded in for bosses, but afaik as ranged hits stagger / kill it seems to update the enemy location from the client side reported hit location. Could explain a lot of things, but as you know bosses do go under ground for no good reason / before anyone has touched them.

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My understanding of this (with your screenshot) is that bosses can/will clip into each other if stacked in multiple and not “these bosses shouldn’t exist at the same time,” correct, @flisker ?

I can def see this more of a problem with weaves where that’s very much a thing and they need to obey their own collision boxes. I’ve seen this problem over on console where loot rats still split into multi bosses (not always ogres, either!), and then you just get two troll axes to the face. :smiley:

I’m not sure they should have a true slot system where they wait around for their turn like trash units do, but they definitely have some interesting collision issues that need some addressing, sometimes (such as triple slams causing bosses to sink into the floor, etc).

Yea, those minos are all stacked in one.

I think they should have separate boss collisions. It would indeed be comical if they were just waiting for their turn after row of slave rats :smiley:

Well now there’s an idea! They ”just” enable collisions for all AI units and throw the slot system out of the window. Unit mass determines who gives and staggers the ** away :wink:

Maybe at 10fps, but no more overlapping rats, though a stack they could probably form.

Dedicated servers + dedicated GPU for physics all issues solved.

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That would be pretty damn funny for a bit. Chaos Spawn standing there because papa Nurgle told him to wait his turn. I don’t know how they could make the slot system(preventing stacking) work for bosses, just because in general they move so much and have so much mass. It’d be nice to not have a wall of meat protecting specials though that walk through them like they’re using new Skaven phasing technology.

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I think this is intended. I remember it being different in VT1. In VT1 the respawning system was exploited. Players with very low/white health let themself get killed off on purpose only to respawn very close by with green health again.

he’s saying the opposite here tho. ppl that die spawn very far away

Separate collisions, separate from other mobs. Meaning the boss can’t go into the other boss.

Boss would be able to run around or whatever but not go inside another boss.

If it’s intended then it have to be consistent, meaning all events should be like this, not only some.

omg! what do u do with 3 mino boss? can u even kite 3 of them?
i know i can kite 3 of ogre same for 3 spawn and 3 troll just fine even more but 3 mino? what do u do? i never tray it. can u survive?

You have to separate em :joy:

ye but how long can 1 character survive vs 3 mino? no ult usage
how long can character survive vs other bosses same number no ult.

In instances where you have room to dodge (like the circle around the statue on Screaming Bell where you hop up and drop down to get the Grim) you can dodge around in a circle and bosses kill each other for you… unless it keeps spawning bosses on a short countdown. The kill feed even shows you when the trolls kills a rat ogre for example. Also you can get the bosses to pummel a horde or a patrol for you too. Only specials cause big problems…

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