Big Box of hurt testing

I’ve noticed that in the meat grinder, the big box of hurt does not release any grenades when hitting the flak armoured enemies as it should, according to the description.

The perk only kicks in when you hit a mauler in the head with it.

Is this a bug or intentional?

Only triggers on carapace armor, not flak. Working as intended as far as I can tell.

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Oh so it’s only the heavy armour. Well that’s disappointing. Wasting an entire perk point on an upgrade I only get to use a couple times with the risk of hitting a non armoured enemy by accident and the reward of a small aoe? :confused:

Should just explode on any hit, even terrain collision. Or there should be many more grenades spilling out over a larger radius.

Eh, it’s pretty good as is imo. You get an instant kill (at least on difficulty 4 and below, dunno about 5) of a high threat target, and the group of elites that are often around them get damaged significantly and temporarily disabled, plus the horde is thinned.

It also pairs well with the sharpshooter perk that has a chance to give allies in coherency grenades on kill. Stick close to your little sharpshooter friend and you’ll have more boxes of grenades than you know what to do with.

Well, I’ve encountered dozens of crushers/bulwarks and armoured specials often in groups of 3-4 on my runs. To get a one hit kill on one is a negligible benefit. Pair that with the rarity of sharpshooters and the fact that they have to choose the perk for Grenade generation, well…

The box is fun, but it never had much of an impact on a game.

Looks like the latest patch indicates the devs agree with you, it now triggers on flak armor as well.

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