This topic is aimed at providing feedback for a possible Big Balance Patch.

Please when providing feedback, provide the career on which you provide feedback or the weapons in their full name (XSword is certainly Shorter than Executioner Sword, but it’s for clarity purpose).

Also try to keep your arguments shorts and to the point.
For example :

I do think Unchained lacks a specific role :

  • She have no means of control, therefore she’s not a real tank.
  • She lacks …

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I DO think that one thread per character will not work out because there is to much information, especially if you take weapon and Talent balance into account at the same time. If you want a discussion which leads somewhere you have to break it down into smaller pieces. While there are parts which synergizes inevitable with each other, the discussions for them can still be separated.

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I will not create 16 threads for each career. I do think we can keep it divided “as is” and be fine. Weapons are mostly character based anyway. And changing them will impact the character as a whole instead of a specific career (except if “limited”)


You dont have to. There are other people who can do. If we just take 4-8 weeks where different people make a thread for one of the careers this will work out better.

Especially since you first have to give the overall picture per career so that arguments how and why something should be changed can be better understood. This here will end in a wishlist with three to six discussions running in parallel in one thread.


We’ll see, let me try that, it’s already done though :stuck_out_tongue:

So Kruber : There’s already a lot of discussion about this one here The Kruber Problem

Kruber in general (except GK) :

  • Auras should be larger than currently.

Mercenary :

  • Ult talents : So we all know 40% Damage Reduction goes too far. Revive talent is too “niche” to not have another effect added to it. And that “no thp” talent even with a reduced cd is a no-go. @Adelion do indeed propose that the stagger part should be added to the “no thp” instead of general, so why not.

I think the biggest problem with this one is being overshadowed by Walk It Off… Besides that the main problem with it is the revived teammate not expecting/being ready for the revive, as well as the high possibility of someone being revived in the middle of a dense mixed horde and immediately being killed anyway. Perhaps a small aoe stagger being generated on anyone revived would help this talent. There are probably more elegant solutions though.

As the topic is not too old, moved it into Big Balance Beta from there.

Footknight :

I do think a lot of Kruber’s new talents are actually very fun to play with. Could be a bit too op on some. Will need further testing.


I believe Footknight lacks punch with the removal of Taal´s Champion and Have at Thee!, especially with Weapons such as the Greatsword. It kind of removes a lot of possible breakpoints from the equation, with the result of FK being a tank only class now.

IMO, the Changes to Have at Thee and Taal´s Cha,pion ought to have replaced other talents, such as Staggering Force and Protective Presence.

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Kruber has nice weaponry, but not carefully distributed among his careers:

  • Knightly weapons like Execution Sword and Great Hammer were allowed for other not quite knightly careers;
  • Grail Knight is using weapons that belong to the Imperial culture, this new career could use some new weapons like a single handed Warhammer.

With the exception of a few builds that used it to reach some unique stagger breakpoints, Taal’s Champion builds are inevitably just playing worse mercenary. Staggering force is huge to FK’s identity so I’m glad that one’s still here personally.

Can’t say I’m happy with the talents we got in return though. So I can randomly eat damage from sloppy team mates getting hit in a manner that will almost certainly be impossible to reliably block? And it turns off my already lacklustre team damage resistance? Thanks? Ult recharge on an ally downing? On a 30 second Ult? I mean better than what we had I guess but still probably a dead talent.

New Trample seems cool. New Have at Thee sounds potentially broken but I’ll have to play around with it a bit to see.

Kruber - Grail Knight

The Executioner Sword is still too strong for me, I always picked it since it is the most sensible weapon to use, if you can utilize the headshot multiplier.
Even with the “nerf” it is still outperforming the Greathsword as well as the Bretonnian Longsword.
Maybe it is because on Grail Knight I can take a Shield Weapon as backup but I rarly used it (mostly against Gunners and Warpflamethrower).

To be honest I don´t even know how to nerf the Executioner Sword, maybe make it more like the Pickaxe? …For me it was stupid inclusion into the Game anyway xD No one used an Executioner Sword on the Battlefield but oh well to late for now.

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I don’t want to create a new topic for this so I’ll just add here that I think Damage Soak talent is interesting. I can see it synergize well with high tHP generation, although being outright deadly in other situations or if your teammates take too much damage. I don’t it’s necessary to remove the aura though, because the talent surely isn’t that appealing to begin with.

Wide charge is amazing. You kind of need to get used to it, but the revive potential is great and the team fighting utility as well.


  • Trample: While I’m a little sad to lose the damage buff, I realize it didn’t stack with some other boosts. More importantly, I’m elated to see this talent actually improve my ability to trample opponents, which is by far my favorite part about being a Foot Knight anyway.

  • It’s Hero Time: The new It’s Hero Time is very situational and I’m iffy about its usefulness. I’d say at least half the time you’re going to have your Valiant Charge either fully available (which means the talent does nothing) or more than 50% filled (which means it has limited effect). Previously you would get a massive run speed boost any time an ally was downed, grabbed or pounced, which, although short-lived was always useful. I mean, I get what it’s going for, because I myself often use Valiant Charge to save someone incapacitated, but when the new talent isn’t doing anything part of the time, it’s as if you didn’t pick any talent at all for that row. Perhaps in addition to the rework it could also increase his movement speed by a smaller amount for just a few seconds?


  • Executioner Sword: Personally, I think a better rebalance than slowing down all of its attacks is to further push what makes Executioner different from Two-Handed Sword (other than its heavy attacks). Lower the base damage of light attacks a bit but increase the finesse/headshot damage so that its headshot damage is the same as (or perhaps slightly better than) it is in the live version, while bodyshots would be weaker. This would tone down the general horde clear power while emphasizing its identity and rewarding precise hits. Nerfing the attack speed isn’t addressing what the weapon excelled at, and is instead a generic change that makes any weapon feel worse, even if only a little. It’s worth pointing out how few people used the Halberd after its attack speed was nerfed a long time ago, not because it was less effective, but because it didn’t feel good to use.

While everything is being tested and given feedback, I think now would be the perfect time to look at the Huntsman/Footknight/Handmaiden auras. Increasing the radius of these auras by 50% or possibly even 100% would improve their contribution to the team without forcing everyone to stay within kissing distance. I have never heard anyone say that the aura sizes are so much as adequate.

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Executioner Sword:
Meant to excel at single target so just lower light attack speed by 5-10%.


  1. Increase radius of aura
  2. Have at Thee: Keep the 15% power after staggering an elite
  3. Taal’s Champion: Replace with 100% CDR for Kruber and allies after staggering an elite
  4. Defensive Formation: Increase to 10% DR for 5-10 secs but only after blocking or some other active requirement
  5. Reverse the nerf to counter punch
  6. Reverse the nerf to Rock of the Reikland?

It recharges every time someone’s incapacitated, not downed. So if someone’s grabbed by an assassin, or a chaos spawn, or a blightstormer, you get the ult back straight away. Personally I think the talent is amazing; it lets you use it almost free of any worries, because you know that if something happens you’ll have it back right away.

It goes through bosses. It goes through an entire chaos patrol. It’s ridiculous, and I love it.


Yeah I realised that a bit after I made that post. I agree, that talent is very strong now.

It’s significantly harder to land quick headshots on longbow huntsman with the beta changes. This isn’t even a skill issue, kruber’s range spread just doesn’t allow for precision.

Please consider giving huntsman a manual zoom feature like the waystalker’s. This should have been done from the beginning. It would have solved all of the issues regarding the longbow’s zoom.

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Just popping by to say that the 2H sword feels good. I enjoyed it quite a bit on Mercenary.
I still think the Executioner Sword is better due to having a much easier time with elites while still being very proficient with hordes. However, there’s more of a case now to pick 2H Sword while another teammate specializes in elite killing.


Re-balanced handgun is great. The increased ammo and re-load speed mean it’s not overshadowed as much by the repeater. I have been playing it on Mercenary and Huntsman (and Ranger Veteran) and absolutely love it. My only fear is that it might make longbow a lot less attractive.

I think Grail Knight’s weapon choices are too restrictive. He should be able to use halberd at the very least and maybe give him access to a flail (or, as I saw mentioned in another post, a shield + flail).

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