[BIG BALANCE BETA] Getting hit out of Vanish streaks

I have died over three times now due to vanish not refreshing properly, and I think I’ve pinpointed the issue.

What happens is that you are invisible, you backstab another enemy and keep your vanish going, but the game “refreshes” it and during that millisecond stuff can not only target but attack you, while you are totally invisible and still able to walk through enemies. You’re getting attacked through your invis because the game doesn’t properly registers that you’re back in stealth for a moment.

An easy fix would be to make it so the game doesn’t stop and restart vanish but instead keeps it going. As far as I’m concerned this is game breaking and makes vanish unplayable in its current state.

This can be confirmed while playing true solo, going invisible and getting vanish to proc. The entire map will shift its focus towards you for a brief period.

Another small thing, when invisible and doing nothing, no attacks whatsoever that could potentially break stealth, I keep hearing multiple backstab warning sounds as if enemies were attacking me, when they are not.

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