BH volley bow pierce count

Does anyone know how many bodies it will pierce? Does it pierce more on crit? Does hero power increase the pierce count? I’m loving Saltz BH, and the Xbow seems to be my favorite, but I can’t seem to get a read on this. Thanks!


Align dummies and test

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Crit power causes it to pierce more enemies I believe. Without crit power investment or any power vs a blessed shot can pierce and hit 2, maybe 3 rats or zombies on champ per arrow. They have to be precisely aligned for that to happen though so wait for clumps of enemies. Been a long time since I played BH without any crit power and power vs chaos though, so don’t quote me on those exact numbers.

edit and yes hero power increases piercing, but only at certain breakpoints.

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I don’t know if that’s been fixed in Beta path, but in live at least ranged penetration doesn’t work on dummies. The ammo gets stuck on the first target. Again the question of the dummies being treated more as environment than enemies, I’d say.

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As they said, dummies don’t pierce at all, but I know it at least pierces 2 with my measly 450 hp. Thanks for the replies everyone.

According to 1.0.6 stat sheet (the 1.0.7 borked something, unless it really justs hits 1 slave rat atm), it can penetrate 2 slave rats and hit a third, penetrate 1 fanatic (and a 2nd with a bit of +power), and 1 clan-rat.
This may not be all that reliable, take it with a grain of salt.

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wont be a single number. its the same cleave mechanic melee has, each enemy has mass and your shot goes through X amount of it, slave rats it prolly goes through 2-3 or more depending on difficulty and power and i would guess a chaos war stops all hits outside of a few class skills.

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I believe last patch they nerfed the mass penetration from like 5ish to around 1.7 per bolt unbuffed. From memory I think a slaverat on legend has a mass of 2. So, unbuffed, no crit, can only hit 1 rat per bolt.

I’m not too sure if crit increases the mass penetration, my gut feeling is that it does.

Crossbow is my weapon of choice nowadays, I hated it at first but grew to love it! Has an unbuffed penetration rating of 14ish, accurate hip fire, great damage and accuracy while ADSing. Oh, and increased crit while ADS.

I don’t have the spreadsheet infront of me so I hope these numbers are accurate, feel free to educate me!

While the stat sheet says that, afaik the creator squatting bear acknowledge it as an error. It most certainly hits more than 1 slave-rat.

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Hmm, let me check it out. I know it definitely got nerfed as the whole reason I searched for breakpoints was because my BH after the patch felt different using his Volley Xbow. I’ll check and post the info.

Okay so this is what I got for current 1.07 numbers.

Was oddly hard to find.

Here is the full thread, he does mention ranged cleave at the bottom.

Anyway, we probably need to test this ingame, rather than relying on the sheet.

To be fair, that was way back in 1.0.5b. The spreadsheet I linked does mention that te values have been updated for 1.0.7.

But yeah in game testing to confirm cant hurt!

Scroll down, there are updates for every patch there.

Okay, finally got my phone to load the whole thread.

I see what you are saying about his reply at the bottom. I also see a guy mention that he can penetrate two slaverats with the volley. I guess we wait for the next patch to see his adjustments.

Any idea when 1.0.8 is dropping?

I’ve done a little testing too, and aiming slightly up I THINK I’m able to pierce 2 and hit a 3rd IF aimed perfectly with blessed shots.

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