Best thing is i have a curved Monitor. FS plz fix ♥

Just tested - the one on the right is better.

There is only 1 picture but you don’t give a full view.

Because he has curved monitor but still doesn’t know how to press print screen and use his phone in vertical mode …

Quite unsure what this screen and post is supposed to be

I get you OP. He cant determine the differences because there isnt a clear comparison with the stats. So her trying to use a ruler to measure the stats out and compare. Its basically his way of saying the stats comparison is not good at all. TBH everything in this game requires a scond monitor to go look up stuff. No clarity on the stats, what they do, achievements, like wtf is a Dreg? etc. If I have to find a wedsite or video to break it down, you failed the game in basic way