Best setup for elite solo?

This is just for fun. Not a balance discussion. These scenario’s are extreme, and are really just about how far you think you can take a setup.

For Cataclysm difficulty.

If you were fighting 20 elites, what hero, career and weapon/build would you want if you:

  1. Could not make use of any terrain features to make space or get the AI to climb
  2. Had no pots or bombs (can have 1 healing)
  3. Have plenty of space to kite (e.g. FOW or open field at the start of Against the Grain)
  4. Need to kill them quickly (not sure what time is reasonable but for 20 let’s say 45 seconds, so waiting for ult to recharge won’t work for long timers generally).

Generic examples:
Scenario 1: 100 Halberd Stormvermin.
Scenario 2: 50 Chaos Warriors.
Scenario 3: 150 Plague Monks.
Scenario 4: 65 Maulers.

Hit trading is valid if you think you would be alive at the end of it, even at 1 HP (that’s just efficiency anyway).
Does your answer change depending on the type of elites, or if it’s mixed? What if you don’t know what the elite composition will be? What about 50 elites, or 100?

My Choice
Personally, I find Riposte on WHC + Rapier to be reliable. Even with CWs, since it two shot crit headshots with just Assassin and the unlisted passive.
At max attack speed the pistol shot isn’t even needed on Berserkers, you can kind of just riposte and attack in between a lot of their attack intervals (not all ofc).
Mauler’s are dangerous but pistol shot 4-shot bodyshots them+resets parry window for riposte (lol no risk get free insta kill).
Riposte makes shielded SV easy to kill and a source of easy free crits. Normal SV will die one after another.
Bestigors are just armoured Mauler’s with easier to hit heads.
I would pick Zealot Flail though if I knew it was all shielded SV. Slow, but very steady.


Probably some Battlewizard build.

Does not matter much how many enemies there are or what they can do when someone sets them on fire x)

And for anything that is not chaos warrios you can use Hagbane elf or a flamethrower bardin for easy clearing.

A prayer to Ranald with a blood sacrifice usually helps as well.

Going to join in using WHC + rapier to be on the safeside

Else I would get mi ol’ trusty billhook and fly like a kite trying to land some place safe :kite: :kite: :kite:


For SV, Longbow WS with the headshot AS Talent, and AS on Charm. Grant me one Speed Pot pls. :pleading_face:


If we exclude the elf and her career abilities in this scenario then I rapier is probably one of the best options. However. I’m pretty sure there is at least 1 better option and another perhaps better perhaps worse depending on the scenario. Which is the flail. I feel like vs that many you would likely still get rekt but if played to perfection the heavy attacks can stagger multiple armoered elites at the same time which if done to 100% perfection should provie just enough of a gap to make it possible. But honestly without the elf involved id go straight for the billhook. It’s the only weapon here that on top of insane armor dmg and infinite dodges provies you wil a failsafe mechanism In the form of the special attack which can compensate and save your ass whenever your dodge/positioning isn’t 100% perfect. Also it tages longer for an elite to recover from that stagger than it takes to do a stagger+heavy meaning you can continuesly create small windows of oppertunity in which to take out the elites 1 at time. But the rapier would share a solid second place in my book here.