Being Suppressed Sucks Hard

Lets run through a hypothetical (and very common scenario)

Your squad rounds the corner and there is a cluster of enemy guardsman or dregs, probably around 15-20 or so at medium or long range.

You have a few options on how to approach this situation.

A) Throw a grenade in their general direction.
The problem with this option is that the grenade is only going to kill maybe 5 tops because they typically spread out and take cover. (if you even have a grenade that kills things)

B) Pop in and out of cover repeatedly and take potshots at them until they die.
This takes forever, crashes the pacing of the game to a slow crawl, and unsurprisingly, sometimes your team just doesn’t have mid or long range tools to be able to deal with this situational adequately or in a timely manner. In addition, if you do have a long range weapon, expect to get suppressed and miss all your shots, making it take even longer.

C) Some combination of dodge/slide/rush hard push into the enemy and try to kill them in melee.
Yeah good luck not dying the majority of the time.

So basically your only option is B, and it sucks. I get that guardsmen have to be in this game because its 40k, but make enemies being shot at actually get suppressed, and remove player suppression, its not fun and it slows the pacing of the game down hard when you cant use your ranged weapons to deal with ranged threats.