BBB spear+shield elf feedback

Editing your post within the time frame so it looks like you didnt edit it to try and make me look like an idiot (Which you did do) gets you a hostile response.

Your original post never said “pure hordes” it said “hordes”

I didn’t do that though? I’m not even quite sure what exactly you’re accusing me of here. What is this “time frame” you speak of? If I edited the previous post it would have been to fix a typo or something but I don’t think I did edit that one?

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In a HIGH density horde your non heavy attacks get eaten often by other units.I have one less light attack to finish off a Storm vermin in a horde.Neading more TIME to kill that SV then i do on live servers.

If you’re having trouble managing hordes with the new sweep, even with elites mixed in, I’m not sure what to tell you. It’s made it far easier.

In high density horde I have to reiterate, why are you light attacking elites? That makes no sense when you have a shield and heavy attacks that are meant for dealing with elites.

Linesman is better then Tank but not for CROWD CONTROL

Which is the reason that added the sweep in the first place

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For the sake of speed and efficiency.A light attack to the face is much faster then a push-stab heavy or another heavy since a heavy attack 3 takes 0.48 seconds instead of a light attack which takes 0.43.Not to mention the last heavy can be eaten by trash mods in the horde.

Still, the weapon is better now. The playstyle is a bit different, but it’s overall far more effective.

Not to take away from the feedback here, all feedback is valid, but this is unnecessarily hostile.

Makes it easier for me to work with feedback when people just say what they think feels bad and why it feels bad. Less for me to filter through that way.

Edit: also no need to bully people responding lol

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It is objectively better. The problem for me is that it’s a strange combo that could be made to feel a little more logical.

Heavy 1 > Light 3 (repeat)

Single Target:
Push-Attack > Heavy 2 > Heavy 3
Push-Attack > L1 > L2

In my view, it meets the same awkward clunkiness as Wiz Dagger, where you have to take an action before you get what you want (Charged Stagger befor stab on single target).

From a feeling perspective, it makes your character feel dumb, because they would know what attack they should be doing and are forced to do the wrong one, if you see what I’m saying?


Then how are your lights hitting your priority target if they have the same angle of attack?

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