BBB spear+shield elf feedback

Please remove the 3rd light attack cleave and return it to being a poke attack please.

Modder comment : More of a consistency change with Elven spear, but does not change much about the weapon itself.

Designer comments : Abit of an odd one, but it does add to the crowd control capabilities of the weapon. Appropriate with a shield weapon."

It does negatively change the weapon because now you need to block cancel/push/push stab out of that horrible light 3 cleave attack. You use poke light attacks and push stab into heavy for elites and push into heavy 1 for hordes. Anyone who thinks the 3rd attack light cleave was needed for the weapon never used the weapon correctly to begin with.

Before BBB the weapon did not have crowd control problems at all.


Personally finding push into heavies a bit clunky, I like having a light cleave, it gives an incentive to go t the third light attack chain.

Having said so. I could maybe spend more time with the weapon’s heavy.

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My issue with it is that it’s on the third attack and feels kind of weird. I’m played that Weapon a lot and I’m struggling to make sense of it.


You had incentive to use the 3rd light poke attack before the BBB (Mostly the 1st and 2nd poke attacks to keep enemies staggered while pushing) Why on earth would you commit to the new garbage version of the 3rd light cleave attack? You dont benefit from using it.

Since I wasn’t using the heavy 1, THP from cleave was just as efficient as THP on kill :’)

Ye it’s kinda weird. I always use Block push followed by a heavy sweep for horde cc/clear and then those 3 light attacks for fast precision hits.


Yep. Makes it worse for elites. It was a strange decision. They could have just made the first heavy snappier instead.

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Heck no, y’all are nuts. The cleave is amazing.

Classic example of a player (You in this case) Who needs to learn the weapon.

Maybe you just need to learn the new version of it, dood. It’s objectively stronger now.

The point isn’t even it being objectively stronger, but does it fit the weapon?


What is the damage difference on the light poke vs sweep, because I have noticed p much no difference in how I use this weapon. Infact in general light attacks are powerfully underwhelming on it and heavy attacks honestly seem to perform better in every situation other than cleaning up 3 trashrats.

That’s a bit of a vague statement. Does it line up with other spear-type weapons in the game? Yes, as they have a sweep in the light attacks, generally.

Does it line up with the actual physical design of the weapon itself? Yes, since Kerillian’s spears in particular are designed in such a way to enable poking and slashing.

Does the new light combo feel cohesive and fluid? Yes, actually. The third strike comes out lightning-quick and just feels real good to use, especially with swift slaying and the dodge-> attack speed talent.

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It would feel much better if the last light attack was diagonal from left to right since that movement is much more natural as you are holding a shield in your left hand.

But that’s just a nitpick I guess…


I agree and i think it needs to be removed.You can’t kill elites as well anymore and crowd control was never a problem ,this sweap adds nothing to the weapon.The light attack 3 has WORSE stagger then Heavy 1 and worse damage then light attack 1/2 and does not hurt Elites.

It is more of a hindrance then anything else.

The light attack 3 has worse Damage then Heavy 1 and light attack 1/2.It has less stagger then Heavy 1 and no armour damage.Not only that but the attack itself is slower then Heavy 1.

It has Linesman, a worse property then Tank when it comes to Crowd Control and it has worse crowd control then a normal push.It added nothing to the weapon at all and should be avoided.

Technically I’m pretty sure linesman has a better infantry modifier than tank does, which might make it better for cleaving pure hordes?

Why are you light attacking elites in the first place? You can push stab -> heavy -> heavy for much more damage and stagger. It’s useful for low density horde because it’s so quick.

What good is linesman with light 3 cleave when elites stop your cleave. You lack basic game knowledge.

Chill bro, I understand that, hence why I said good for pure hordes, as in cleaving just infantry, which does happen plenty, even on Cata. The heavy sweep hasn’t gone anywhere, so it’s not like the armour cleaving option is gone.

I wasn’t even defending the sweep attack, just pointing out that the statement made was a little misleading. Please don’t jump straight to hostility, it’s really not necessary.

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