BBB Beta-Feedback Handmaiden, and my proposed changes


Handmaiden is in quite a good spot atm. She’s fairly strong, and has a diverse set of weapon choices and talents, however there are still a few minor changes i think could be made that would greatly improve handmaiden.

p.s sorry for my terrible grammer.

The stamina Regen Aura

Handmaiden’s aura has the same problem, all the other aura’s in this game have. it’s too small to actively affect your teammates. It’s more of a personal buff at this point than an actual team wide aura.

How i would change her aura

Increase her aura range by quite a lot. I’m thinking along the lines of 2x or even 3x times the range. this would actively help buff the team as long as they are around you. but still small enough for it not too affect teammates who are far off.

However 100% stam regen, actively buffing your entire team is to strong in my opinion, and i think a good change would be too grant handmaiden a passive 50% stamina regen, and lower her aura’s stamina regen by 50%, this would still give handmaiden 100% stamina regen, while granting her teammates 50%.

The Talents

I think most of her talent’s are in a good spot atm, most of them have their uses, however there are still a few overperforming ones, and a few underperforming ones. with the changes below, i hope too bring the gap between the talents a little bit closer.

Focused Spirit

After not taking damage for 10 seconds. increases Kerillian’s power by 15%. reset upon taking damage from enemies

Right now, this buff can be removed by taking FF damage from allies, in cataclysm this happens quite a lot, with this change your buff would only be removed by taking actual enemy damage. and it would be a lot more consistent.

Block Attack Speed

Pushing or blocking an attack grants Kerillians next two attacks 15% attack speed and 10% power.

Right now with this talent you can get constant 30% attack speed and 10% power on a lot of weapons that use a push attack in their combo. with this change i hope too bring it down a little bit lower, but still enough too outperform focused spirit in consistency.

heart of oak

increases max health by 20%.

with this change i hope too bring her max possible hp up from 173 too 180, this would make it more consistent with the other careers, while slightly buffing it. (Not 100% sure on my math).

Birch stance

Reduces block cost by 20%.

Right now Birch stance is extremely strong due too being able to grant 90% BCR. i hope with this change to bring it down a little bit, while still making it the stronger option, as long as you do not take active damage.


dashing through an enemy causes them to bleed for significant damage over time. increase bleed damage by 15% and remove bleed tick rng

With this change i hope to make her bleed damage a lot more consistent due to the removal of the rng aspect of her bleed, the 15% increase to bleed damage, would allow you too take different talents, or properties if going for the bleed build, while still maintaining roughly the same damage.


I have purposly not changed anything to her THP and Stagger talents, because i think those have a deeper problem and instead of changing handmaiden, the entire system needs too be adressed.

If this is not the right place too post this, i will remove it and post it in the Kerillian Beta Discussion.

What do you all think of these changes?


I agree with the aura and Heart of Oak change… instead, regarding the attack speed ​​and power bonuses after a push, I find they are just perfect… it is Focused Spirit that needs to be totally reworked. Even if the problem of friendly fire is removed, it would remain not-worthing.

I think Handmaiden is already strong as is, if we buff Focused Spirit any further, it could create a power creep, 15% attack speed and 10% power would still be a incredibly strong talent.

I think the Heart of Oak change is something that’s been suggested for for a while now. +20% hp, +30 hp flat, it doesn’t really matter.

As for the tier 2 talents, I don’t think that the block attack speed shenanigans is too strong but the other two are just less engaging. Talents that just give some one dimensional bonus like Foe Feller, Unbending Purpose, Hack and Slash, Martial Study, etc. are lazy and could be phased out.

I’d also just put the bleed back on dash as a base feature.

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Aren’t these changes just nerfs? Nerfing mostly picked talent. Why would you think this? Want no one to play HM? HM still suffer low dps even with 30% attack speed and 10% power. I think HM is just good as it is. It has it’s usage. At least, HM doesn’t need nerf.

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