[BBB 2020] Bardin war pick: add ground slam to charged heavy attacks

slight buff to pick in this beta from the linesman trait on light attacks, making it more effective against pure trash, but the pick is still impossible to use against mixed groups. you can’t hit anyone reliably with the charged heavy attack because trash will inevitably step in front and absorb your big hit that was aimed at a berserk, storm vermin, chaos warrior, mauler, etc. and even if you do land the hit, everyone else around the target will get free shots against you. using chain light attacks in a mixed group is really bad, as it will bounce off any armor and do little to no damage.

solution: the charged heavy on the pick should produce a “ground slam” which knocks around nearby enemies, similar to sienna flail heavy 1 overhead. it doesnt need to do any area damage or DOT, just a radial stagger like the sienna flail heavy 1. this will make the pick actually viable against mixed groups. it would not be OP because the charged heavy takes a while to deliver, much slower than the flail by comparison. it fits with the theme of the weapon being a huge overhead slam. right now, the pick boils down to “wow i can kill a lone chaos warrior,” but almost all weapons can quickly kill lone chaos warriors safely, except for elf dual swords. when you compare the pick to similar weapons, like ex sword and glaive, it really falls flat.

i definitely like the pick on slayer as a secondary weapon but i use great hammer 95% of the time as it is far more versatile. trying to use pick as a main on iron breaker or ranger is just hopelessly inferior to any other weapon choice right now.

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Use the push-attack for elites mixed in with hordes.

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I like the theme, he’s an alternte suggestion if the slam is too wild:

Whilst “charging” with the pickaxe, you shove minor enemies out of your way.

that could work, kind of like parry on the new bretonian longsword.

there was a recent suggestion on this board that the heavy charge also go through shields. i think that makes sense as well.

a ground slam thematically doesn’t make much sense for a warpick tbh

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The heavy charge is already a very strong (if not the strongest single damage attack in the whole game). This kind of insane damage deserves a drawback in form of an increased risk for the wind-up.

To get back to the flail comparison: Sienna’s Flail does something around 20-25 damage on Heavy 1 (can’t check exact number right now). Warpick does about 50 Damage on Heavy and about 100 on Heavy 1 Charged. That is a factor of 2-4. Warpick does not need compensation in form of a mini-quake.

I’d love to see something. Even increased Block% could help it.

You need Push-Attacks to deal with Elite density, but you also have low mobility, so you spam all of your Stamina, run out of mobility and fall over as RV/IB.

Just a light attack animation speed increase would make a huge difference.
I read one suggestion, tossed the idea around of War Pick ignoring shields. It might be pretty neat and reasonable for full charge heavies.

Buffing War Pick might make Minecraft Slayer even more powerful, nerfing/fixing the Q switch on War Pick could help balance it out and welcome legit buffs.

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