Battle royale for vermintide 2 (it's not what you're thinking) thats so supa hot baby click here FOR NUGGETS

Imagine a BATTLE ROYALEA mode but not what you’re thinking, it would be more like a survival chaos wastes 2.0 mode, it would basically be the following, let’s imagine a simple map, an open air maze, with 8 players that will start with nothing, without weapons and without talents and then right at the beginning in your personal room you choose talent and a melee weapon, and then you advance a path in the labyrinth, in it you do a mini true solo until the next room and pick up a coin left by sack rats and bosses if one appears, and in each little room you will gain a weapon and a talent and when you already have the 2 weapons, one melee and the other ranged you now instead of choosing weapon choose its perk, properties and etc when you conclude, of course you BUY THEM and if you don’t have enough money to swifit slayer you’ll have to go your own way and buy what you have, like the one that when you parry you don’t spend stamina, besides making use of traits and useless perks would also open up the chance to create others and in the course of the labyrinth there would be random events to occur and when facing the bosses for example, let’s say from the 5th room onwards you must be strong enough to face a stormy demon, but even if you are not, every 5 rooms you will necessarily have one boss and you will have help from another player, they will be pairs, it will be a solo duo facing hordes with boss, of course people will succumb miserably on the way and then you can come to face it alone but it will be a normal boss without these brand trips And that’s until you get to the middle of the labyrinth and when there are only 2 players left each in a little room they will face I don’t know a warlord or who already has in the game or new to this game mode and if both survive this true solo at the end in the center there will be a pvp between them, whoever enjoys first loses and that would be muy fueda, and with that they could launch a bunch of new skins such as a golden skull skin for keri keri-chan would be kerillian queen of the labyrinth or dungeon would be muy fueda sorry ofr my ingrish i used de google traductor

i don’t see a world where pvp could ever work with the mechanics given in V2.

in shooter esque games its simple aim, movement, and decision making are most important skill expressions to win

in melee based games movement and aim apply way less because you need to be in each others face wich means u need systems that are based on decisionmaking.
both mordhau, chivalary 2 and for honor work on a system that is based around forcing/pressuring your oponent into making mistakes.

vermintide system does not work like that, its reactionary. it gives you tools to react to NPC enemys
not pressure players.
think about it, would you be able to push players? block all their atacks? dodge works on enemys losing tracking on their atacks. doesn’t work with players, so no dodging? what about ranged can u just shoot the other person? if no how is that fair to ranged careers?


did you read what I wrote ?? literally would only pvp in the most extreme case of a tie, which could be easily replaced by an infinite honda of mobs in which whoever died first would lose

you definitely didn’t read what I wrote, let alone the title to talk such nonsense

play mordhau. its not battle royale but its melee pvp and its really good. theres already been pvp announced for this game called versus. still no release date but i’m sure it’ll come out either sometime this year or after darktide.


ok ok you are a blind person who didn’t read anything i wrote the thing is not pvp but survival TURE SOLO

no need to be rude. battle royale game modes are always pvp and what you’re suggesting seems quite uninteresting and, frankly, quite boring. you can true solo in modded realm though if you that’s what you’re looking for but everything else you have suggested sounds more tedious than fun.


ok you are a boomer who finds anything new boring until you try it for yourself and regret it, where is a true solo duo in competition boring? all of you from vermintide 2 can sit back and watch the game slowly die

not a boomer but you do appear to be a troll. it’s boring for me because the reason why i like vermintide is because of the co-op gameplay. if i wanted to true solo, i would go to modded realm. i like meeting new people and slaying rats with them. the majority of people out there would agree with me. there are countless single player games out there if that’s what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that. it just doesnt make sense for this type of game.


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battle royal by definition is a fight to the death among other players. what you have suggested is not.

start out with nothing, pick a talent, mini solo, then a weird duo, going through a maze, buying properties which sounds like a rip off of chaos wastes, random events occur, going through room after room after room, somehow there is only 2 players left but you didn’t explain how, have to fight a warlord and then a pvp after all of that mess.

sorry but it’s not interesting and sounds tedious and, again, would not work in this type of game.

you also didn’t explain how 8 becomes 2 players and you’re not accounting for the fact that what if all 8 players survived the whole ordeal. it literally makes no sense.

thank you for assuming that I didn’t read your post :slight_smile:

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also on the technical side of things, when players get eliminated (magicly) what happens do they get kicked from the game? like this game works on peer to peer, if the host gets angry and leaves the lobby collapses. or he is stuck in a potentially infinite competition?

the game structure is quite the opposite to what you’d need to make this work

there are 8 players competing for victory
it doesn’t matter if you fight the playercharacter directly or not, its still pvp

>be host
>manually closes connection to all client

Horrible idea: heres a better one (for vermintide 3 obviously)
Enemy hero units that are player controlled and invade games that the host left open for invasion for extra rewards

Basically as complex as the default heroes but their objective is to wipe the team, gets paid depending on how many players(or bot) he knocks down, also get items and perks and levels.

I wanna see an evil dawi with the same dialect as bardin but with a different tone.

That’s basically Versus

Which is a very contentious point in the community

sounds like versus mode, and it is in development, more or less, or it was already dropped.
and versus is very controversial and dont like it either, it would only split the community even more

sorry it doesnt work and its boring

What if the real battle royale is everyone racing to the end while opening chest during horde…etc.