Barkskin Indicator Not Showing Alongside Other Trait Buff (Patch 1.3)

Issue Summary:
I was running a deed earlier with Barkskin and Swift Slaying traits. As Zealot, I was face tanking quite a bit, which means the Barkskin trait would activate pretty frequently, but any time my Swift Slaying trait was active, the Barkskin indicator in the lower left would not appear until Swift Slaying had run out (or cut out early in favor of SS).
I’m fairly certain the Barkskin trait still applied, it just didn’t show. If it wasn’t applying when it didn’t show, then that’s even worse!

Edit: However, upon running further missions, it seems to have worked fine. So I don’t know if this was an isolated incident, an issue with the deed, an issue with first-time equipping, or something else.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Activate Barkskin
  2. Activate Another Trait (Swift Slaying in this example)
  3. Watch as Barkskin indicator is overriden

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Through-out one game

Additional Information:
I have not seen it tested against other traits at this time.

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