Bardin's legendary pickaxe is distracting

Just a minor complaint, would like the devs to look into this but not spend too much time on it as thereʻs much more pressing matters to attend to.

With the legendary skin on bardinʻs pickaxe light will emanate from it no matter which direction youʻre facing, or what setting youʻre in. In a cave? Your pick shines like the sun is at your back. Facing the sun/moon directly on? Apparently thereʻs a second sun behind you, giving your pick a blue glow. This is just very distracting, and has caused me to not use my legendary skin for the pickaxe at all.

Though, like I said this is a very minor graphical bug and should be noted but not focused on at the moment.

It’s an ancestral dwarven pickaxe, so I assume it’s a magic, runic glow and not a bug. Only thing I would like them to change, is to show better where does the glow come from (a crystal or runes?) and make it a real source of light in the dark parts of maps.

You could change the skin to the not glowing one if it is to much of a distraction for you. Or use the bögenhafen skin its not so bright eather i think. Im fine with the glowing but thats just my personal opinion

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Turning off lens flare and those kinds of settings help as well. And I think Bloom disables the annoying glow on Red weapons. They still glow, they just don’t shine if that makes sense.

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