Bardin's Gromril Armour


I would like to ask if is it only me or Bardin’s Ironbreaker’s armour looks like some pyjamas with “armored” skin? I love Ironbreaker class but for me Gromril Armour need some visual improvement - it need to be thickier and heavier because right now it looks and feels like some cloth skin, not an actual armour.

Just look at it! I would like to see something similar in-game :slight_smile:

Well in TW WH they look like this

do you even know what’s Gromril is tho

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Gromril is toughest material in the world, only Dwarfs knows secret how to craft gromril weapons and armours because when labored by human or elvish hands - it crumbles. Knowing this I imagine Gromril Armours as big and thick plates of gromril, not some pyjamas fitted to the body like it is now in-game.

Ironbreakers from Total War looks like miniatures from Table Top game 1:1, personally I prefer (and own) older miniatures from 6th edition, but those look awesome as well!

I’m fairly certain that when Dwarfs work Gromril its actually used as a coating over already made steel goods, think of it like a gold plating but instead its incredibly hard and has magical properties allowing runes to be set into it.

In 8th edition Armybook for Dwarfs you can read that Ironbreaker armour is made of gromril - made of :slight_smile:

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