Bardin's Ale perk is finicky after the most recent patch

Found this on reddit and thought I’d bring it up here too, seems like it could be quite annoying.

Basically, with the perk now spawning ale and ammo together it’s really hard to pick up the ale (as it’s hiding inside the ammo bag). Impossible even, if you are at full ammo.


So no ale for Slayer, GK and all Sienna careers. #fightalcoholism

lawl Slayer really?

well there are mods for no restriction so yes slayer

Not to mention it’s really annoying to have to look down at your feet/behind you (when moving, which you almost always are) after every special kill to spam E on the ammo bag in case you got an ale drop.


I usually play twitch mode with mates, but we lack a 4th player. We always fill that slot with RV with 30% ammo drops. It’s awkward as hell to go looking for where a bot was at the time of you killing a special… especially so since bots like to run away into the distance for no good reason (yes i’m using the bots stay closer setting in that bot improvement mod)

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