[Bardin] [Weapon] Pickaxe suggestions

The pickaxe is a very dwarven weapon which fills a niche spot in heavy armour damage and boasting the highest single hit damage in the game and yet still remains an underused and outclassed weapon. The following text states my opinions on the weapon as well as possible suggestions for improvement.

The pickaxe may be a hefty weapon but its sharp point requires precise aim to penetrate vital points of enemies. A sword slash to the face may hurt a lot but a pickaxe piercing a skull will hurt a lot more and be far more lethal. My suggestion is to slightly boost the finesse multiplier of the weapon to emphasize the more precise impact point of the pickaxe relative to slashing weapons or blunt weapons.

The pickaxe is a tool used to crush hard rock and pierce through the toughest of surfaces and heavy armour is no exception. A slashing weapon my find it hard to cut through tough metal armour and a blunt weapon may be able to dent or concuss an armour clad foe but a piercing weapon with a sharp point and a hefty weight behind it may be able to pierce straight through metal armour. I suggest that damage against armoured foes could be buffed further to further emphasize the pickaxe’s niche role.

Heavy Attack
The pickaxe boasts an extremely high damage attack in the form of its overhead charge attack and yet with its slow charge speed and slow recovery, the risky yet powerful attack still cannot compete in damage-per-second with other weapons such as the great hammer and greataxe. This leaves the attack being optimal for only openers and dwari-drops. My suggestion is to slightly boost the damage of a fully charged attack to compensate for its riskiness and slow speed while further boosting its niche role and a strong, single target capable weapon.

Many players enjoy the satisfying chop of the executioner sword splitting foes’ heads. What makes this attack so gratifying? The embelished sound of the the sword augments the powerful yet risky heavy attack of the sword which rewards the player for pulling of the attack. The pickaxe could greatly benefit from a rewarding sound effect when landing a fully charged attack on a foe. This would help the attack feel more impactful and powerful when such a slow yet damaging attack is used.

These are a lot of suggestions and incorperating all of them will make the weapon too powerful but please consider integrating a couple of these suggestions to boost the role and popularity of such a iconic weapon.

Other players, please feel free to post additional suggestions, concerns, or changes to these suggestions you would like to see.


To me, I would like to try a Pickaxe that has high damage with little to none cleave power that could instant kill any low tier enemy but pretty useless against a horde.

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I think that would make it a little too similar to 1H and 2H axe, at least as far as light attacks go.

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