Bardin Dual Hammer Charged Attacks

Per today’s patch, damage for charge attacks 2 and 3 for the dual hammers has been reverted to pre-BBB levels. Two problems I have with this:

  • why? It felt pretty good, not overpowered, and “normalized” armor damage between the 3 charged attacks. Even if unintentional, seems like a good idea to keep it. The different damage profiles for charged attacks have always been a weird thing to me
  • the light attacks already have supreme horde clear, so what then are the purpose of charged 2 and 3 if not elite/armor damage? Repeating and block-canceling charged attack 1 yields significantly higher DPS on elites/monsters/bosses than using the full charged attack chain

If the damage values are to remain as is, there really is no use (or DPS) for charged attacks 2 and 3. I think it is better to get rid of them and let the player use repeatable downward swings for charge attacks.


I disagree. The Dual hammers have the best horde clear and are the most versatile of any of Bardin’s other weapons while still having respectable stagger and damage versus any elite (and decent monster and chaos warrior damage with Heavy 1 block cancel). Light 1 -> Heavy 2 -> Heavy 3 -> repeat (without block cancelling) is the attack chain that you use for horde clear. The heavies can easily cleave multiple marauders while still having enough stagger cleave to stagger elites in a mixed horde. The bugged Dual Hammers when used on Slayer made there be very little reason to swap to Dual Axes (or even have them as a secondary weapon, besides switching to them for a push attack) because they dealt similar damage to them with the heavy sweeps versus any target. The current way Dual Hammers are now is fine.

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