Balance changes and observations

Ranger Veteran: 125 HP (He has light armour and is a Dwarf)
Add a ‘Survivalist’ talent/passive (Like Amaranthe)
To me he feels to weak for a Dwarf compared to IB and Slayer
Handmaiden: 100 HP (She doesn’t need 125 anyway, she good enough and shouldn’t be getting hit)
Slayer: + damage vs Monster talent/passive (He is a Troll/Dragon/Daemon slayer)

Great Hammer: QQ cancel looks silly
Spear: Remove AP on light attacks (Head poking was already good, I feel it is to powerful now)
Elf 2H Sword: Animation of her arm on heavy attack looks unnatural.
Hammer: Upwards strike looks silly

Rat Ogre: Needs a buff (I feel a sense of relief that it’s not one of the other 3).

“This is my favourite game and I generally play Elf the most”

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I agree about RV and Slayer… but I totally disagree about others points.

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I just feel Dwarven shame when I’m the Dwarf Ranger, knowing that there’s a High Elf out there with more Health than me. It’s why I always pick +25% Health as Slayer with 50% DR.


I feel like you have good reason to be dubious of those elves. Rather than seeing Handmaiden reduced in power, though, I think promoting RV with 5 to 10 additional HP (or more, I’m bad at math anyways) is very reasonable. Handmaiden is designed to be more melee-centric and RV is more ranged-centric (speaking of them thematically versus actual gameplay balance), so I can see why an elf designed for front-line battle would be tankier than a dwarf.

I think the additional damage versus monsters would be awesome! If you asked me (and no one should, I’m crazy) I’d say that, if a talent for monster-slaying were added, it should also increase the amount of damage Slayer takes from them. Seems thematic and fits the Slayer mantra of risking everything to do more damage to the enemy.

I think the Rat Ogre doesn’t necessarily need a buff (as they are, statistically, still terrifying when you are getting swarmed by adds), but I do believe that they are underrated. Then again… I am less afraid of Storm-Fiends than I am afraid of Rogers. Weird, because one of them is a tricked out Roger :smile:

I agree with this. Ranger’s wear scales under their coat so they are at least partially armoured, as much as Handmaiden is armoured anyway. A little more durability would add a nice amount of utility to this class, just like how WHC feels great after his hp buff.

The rest of the stuff I’m mostly ambivalent on or disagree with. Slayers do NOT need a damage passive for bosses, they already deal ludicrous amounts of damage as it is. Handmaiden doesn’t need to be nerfed, spear having AP is fine, etc. Though 2h elf sword does look somewhat derpy, I was never fond of the upward swings.

To make Rat Ogres more dangerous why not have them leap more aggressively? The leap is the only unique thing about the rat ogre, otherwise the moveset is nearly identical to the chaos spawn. This would also make it more practical to get that “kill rat ogre in mid leap” achievement.


I personally think that Handmaiden should be defensive only with damage avoidance, not with 125 HP. Dodge distance, stamina regen and dash with invisibility all fit nice.
However, having said that, I think she’d be more suited to having a team heal than the Waystalker. A talent/passive where Renewal also heals like Rejuvenating Locus does.
So -25 HP but gain Rejuvenating Locus.
I’d also remove Amaranthe from Waystalker, while I’m at it :smile:

I do like the look of the light attacks on the Elf 2H Sword thematically. Going for attack speed over the attack strength of Kruber and Victor. The heavy attacks look a bit noodle armed however.

Slayer IS a damage beast and feels great to me in general. But a Shade killing a monster faster than a Slayer doesn’t sit right to me.

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Nerfing an elf class? It’s Shatfark, please, get real. Besides, if they even attempt to, the hordes of highly vocal elf mains will have a massive tantrum, review-bomb the game and probably leave. They had a conniption when Waystalker got nerfed a little, now just imagine if another career gets downgraded even a tiny teeny little bit. And most players are elf mains, anyway, including everyone at the devs.


I like update for the most part, only thing that bugs me is that this update pretty much brought weapons up to the previous lvl of the duel daggers, and duel axes were… so its confusing as to why they got nerfed…

I also agree about ranger HP however I think he has a great passive now, and being able to move out of smoke w/o losing invis is very versitile, basically RV (shade)

Also I agree about shade killing monsters faster than a slayer… its like having the flail description read shield breaking but having the 1 handed axe do it faster :smile:

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Oh, come now, that’s not nice! As a huge Kerillian main since VT1 I feel like we can be quite reasonable. It doesn’t depend on the character that is being played… it has entirely to do with the person behind the keyboard.

@Dubsicle I don’t play too much Handmaiden because I have no interest in that specific Career so I can’t speak to it’s more finely tuned points, but the High-Elves aren’t exactly into… healing. I am not saying you are wrong in any way, but thematically I think it works out that Handmaiden is an enduring, stamina-heavy soldier and the Waystalker is a “Solo-Survivalist”.

@jayfresh I agree, the Slayer killing monsters slower seems weird, which is why I think a “Double-Edged-Sword” talent would be really cool! It doesn’t involve removing functionality from anyone else and could make for an epic Slayer talent!

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