Balance and Champion vs Legend

After flipping back and forth now between Champ and Legend as of 1.06.

I have to say I am seeing a LOT more balance between the jobs, than I saw previously. Waystalker and Sienna Beam Staff, are not running around and ruling the field, kill numbers are pretty evenly distributed between various jobs with the exception of specialized ones that tank but even those are fairly evenly distributed. Even Kruber’s Huntsman is very balanced in comparison.

It used to be when I joined a group you’d always see Ironbreaker, Pyro w/beam, Waystalker… almost every party was similar in Champion. But no more… I start to see a more even distribution between jobs and the performance between those jobs.

I think the balance changes Fatshark made have really started to show a great deal. I am seeing things start to seriously level out… at Champion level.

At Legend level they are also starting to seriously show. When I join or host a Legend level match I used to see the same Metas… but those too are disappearing… and I suspect this too has to do with the changes. (more hordes, bigger ones). Now its pretty common for me to see Slayer, Shade, Kruber (Footnight or Merc), and Sienna’s Unchained as well. It tells me the old Meta parties aren’t doing as well as they used to. Either due to survivability or killing power.

However it appears Legend may now be a little overtuned after the recent Nerfs which were balanced according to those old Metas… which of course still affects all jobs. Things like Boss Mobs a little overtuned, Specials spawning too much, etc, while the previous Meta parties used to be the only things that could clear that kind of Challenge, now… the old Metas are gone or greatly weakened after the Balance changes.

So perhaps it is time to look at Tuning Legend level a bit according to the new balance changes. Because now, the newly buffed jobs, and the old Metas are getting pretty close to each other. While yes, more does need to be done with regards to tweeks… it may be time to look at Legend again as a whole.

Yea, they’re making landslides in the right direction, and adding some things that doesnt quite work as well.

What i’d like to see in the nearest future is bigger grace field when it comes to patrols / hordes / specials in regards to just… popping up in your face.

definitely do see a better spread of careers, think it was actually .5 that made the difference myself , .6 was good steps in the right direction , but baby steps

i still think beam/pyro , BH/blessed shots are still hugely overpowered its just now a lot of other classes actually work so are playable , like shade , HM , slayer etc
and it could just be people are bored of turning the game into a pointless faceroll and are just playing more interesting careers.

would be interesting to see the metrics FS has on all this.

Beam staff is just too versatile for the challenges we face, the numbers arent neccesarily higher than lets say bolt / fire, just applies it much better.

Coupled with the amazing benefit from homing skull you got an ideal setup that is very easy to play, and hence you got a cookie cutter same category as waystalker BUT are they neccesarily ‘‘better’’ than other options, i’m not sure.

Naw I remember the Beam staff formerly,

The new version after all the nerf is seriously not even close anymore. It can’t hold back waves, it won’t stagger them enough, so eventually the horde pushes forward anyway. Its somewhat decent at longer range things, but it takes a lot longer.

While its possible all the mages i’ve seen use it just sucked at using it… more likely the reason is, its actually been seriously reduced in effectiveness.

The Conflag staff user I saw in action was much more effective.

EDIT: The Beam staff was only able to hold back one or two max, but they’d push through it anyway. works on one target but that’s about it. Its not even that great on bosses anymore.
The Conflag on the other hand… would just wreck incoming hordes. It thinned them out so much that by the time they reached us only about half the horde was left and it was easy to kill off the thinned out horde.

I would make the argument Champion is undertuned, essentially a cakewalk that does not prepare players well enough for Legendary. It fuels bad habits that are punished unfrogivably in Legendary if all the players have them.

In fact, Legend has seen consistent nerfs in terms of specials and those are very obvious.

Legend feels weird at the moment. Some games are a walk in the park, while others feel almost impossible. Some people have theorized that the game handles differently depending on host. For example, if you have a slow computer then special spawn rates are greatly reduced because ai director can’t keep up. This was tested in VT1 and proven to be true but we can’t be sure for VT2. Maybe dedicated servers will solve this issue if it’s really the case.

I won’t say no,

The reality is I do think Champion is a little undertuned. I just can’t tell whether its because of my personal skill vs others… But I also think Legend my be a little overtuned at present given the recent changes. The game changed and it will have impact.

And Akitainu is correct also, in that the matches vary too wildly in difficulty. From doable to unbelieveably impossible, as in Onslaught mod level from V1.

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