Backstab sound, PC's performance and priority... there is a link!?

Do you know Battlefield? It’s a popular FPS… but if you don’t know it, don’t worry, the important thing to notice is already written. It’s an FPS like Vermintide… in some aspects they should be similar.

What’s the point? The point is that Battlefield has one problem that afflicts our game too: sounds are bugged. Sound of footsteps, gunfire…

About that, the developers said one thing: in game there are tons of sounds and a PC, mainly if it’s not so performing, can arbitrarily remove some of them because it can’t handle all of them.

Everyone knows that Vermintide’s sounds are bugged as well (backstabs, specials, hordes)… the question is: behind this problem there could be the same reason?

I think it could be a good start to fix the problem… Fatshark could apply a priority on certain sounds, the most important ones, to be sure that they can’t be removed.

Battlefield’s developers have taken this way… and it seems to work.


Genuinely good idea, should be implemented all the way down to voice lines taking precedence over f ability shouts too, but that’s less vital.

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The connection speed in VT2 (network speed) either green/yellow/red or ping number is dictated by the performance of the host PC. So I’ve had green/< 90 ping and suffered slaggy hits, and been on 180 > ping and been ok. I am convinced that people who host and run their specs as too high for their PC to handle are causing the clients to suffer more than they should.

REAL problem is that somehow the FPS of the host is impacting the ping for the client.


Well personally i’m hosting probably 90 % of the games i play so i rarely find these issues in the game but nearly every single time i do notice, it is because the person who is hosting has an absolute potato pc (could also be extremely high settings tanking fps) or has set the network max upload speed set to the absolute lowest value (which it is by default).
I do think that prioritizing important sounds over others to be good idea but the core issue really is who is hosting and if they do have enough horsepower to make the game run smoothly.


I agree.

Ye, it’s true.