Axe and Falchion illusion - an inception of two basic illusions?


The basic illusion for A&F is identical to… another basic A&F illusion, and while it’s obviously been replaced, I’m not entirely sure why. The first one (1st screenshot) has been the basic one ever since BtU was released. The second one (2nd screenshot) has just recently replaced the first one, and yet, I have access to both illusions, albeit if I were to change the first one it would be lost forever, or something, and I wouldn’t want that for the sake of-

Okay, this is getting complicated. There’s basically two illusions for A&F, where one of them was the basic one until the beta-beta patch I believe, and it replaced the basic illusion which introduced a vintage illusion instead of the crude one, which is okay, since it matches the inventory picture now. However, I still have the old illusion on one of my A&Falchions.

Third screenshot is essentially a proof of having two would-seem identical falchion, albeit after further inspection, their illusions are separate from each other, which is weird (the one with AS is the crude one, and the one with +CC is the vintage one).

What’s your game, FS? Is this intended, and I can just keep the illusion on my old A&F indefinitely, or is it not intended, and should I have the new one applied instead? Is there any reason A&F had it’s illusion switched, funnily enough, to match the one it has by default on Weaves’ skin?

P.S. Crafting a new A&F produces the one with vintage illusion if that’s of any relevance.

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I didn’t even know there was a change to the AnF skin! Was that even in the patch notes?

Am glad they kept both illusions, but wish they had different names. Am a fan of the ‘Flenser’ falchion skin paired with a dinky hatchet, it fits my idea of the Zealot just pillaging whatever farm tools he can find to go ham on heretics.

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Nope, as far as I know there has been no mention of it in the patch notes. This is the first time I see a change in altering weapon illusions as well.

I’d love to have them as separate illusions, though, since they fit different themes. The orange illusion fits WHC perfectly, the crude one (I wish the axe was basic as well, not the gilded one) is for Zealot, whereas (Screenshot #2) is a good match for BH.

I doubt it will be the case once it’s settled, but it’d be nice.

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