Auto-end on win/loss

I’d like to continue playing the game even if the point difference is too big to make a difference. The game automatically ending isn’t much fun in my opinion.

Please allow players to choose or vote whether or not they want to continue playing the last round after an auto-win/loss.


Seconded, had a match end abruptly at the bell and it was really jarring. Doubt anyone really cares about the score anyway, so why break up a match still in progress.


I agree

I would prefer the opposite and have the game end once the limit is reached.

I do agree with the middle ground here to allow players to leave.

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A L4D type tie breaker based on damage or health left would seem appropriate

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I disagree. It’s insanely unfun to be forced to play out a game you’ve already lost (see Monopoly). It feels very merciful and appreciated that the game ends early so I don’t have to stew in the experience of getting pubstomped.

A change could be made to make it more apparent when one team is about to win via points mid match to combat abruptness.

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I wouldn’t want to continue a game where there is no chance of me of winning. But I definitely don’t like the abrupt ending. I agree with @CruBop. I wouldn’t mind a message maybe 3 nodes out giving a countdown or something like that.

I vote for playing out the game even if you can no longer win on points.