Auto-end on win/loss: the sequel

I’d like to continue playing the game even if the point difference is too big to make a difference. The game automatically ending isn’t much fun in my opinion.

Having the game abruptly end because of a point difference hardly feels any better than the game just crashing, it stops players from playing the game. Because of this, I still haven’t gotten to play to the end of round 3. I hate it.

It’s so stupid, we’ve even intentionally wiped once to be able to play the game more and even that didn’t last long.

(Remade the thread because the prequel got locked)

Please allow players to choose or vote whether or not they want to continue playing the last round after an auto-win/loss, either by giving players an end-of-round prompt or by introducing a separate matchmaking option.

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I think that’s fine really. What irks me more is that the rounds playing after each other have no clear order on who is Skaven when.

Sometimes it’s Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B (as it should).
Sometimes it’s Team A, Team B, Team B, Team A, Team B, Team A.

A strict rigid structure helps keep things competitive.

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On the other hand, I hated nothing more than playing out a game that I knew my team couldn’t win 5, 10, 15min before it was actually over in something like battlefield.

The solution to a game like the one described above was to leave it.
That’s not much of a solution to a 4v4 gamemode however.

If I got completely stomped, I’d prefer it to be over faster than to have to slog through the rest of a predetermined match.

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It was messy like that in the Closed Alpha Test but in this Alpha test it’s been working perfectly fine in my experience, you’re saying that’s still inconsistent for you now?

Maybe I’m trying to see a pattern where there is none, but what I witnessed thus far was the leading team getting round 2 and sometimes even 3 immediately after the first. It’s rarely the classic A > B > A > B > A > B it should be.

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Update: I’ve finally gotten to complete one half of round 3, got to the end as the heroes but did not get the opportunity to play round 3 as the pactsworn. It sucks that this prevents me from getting to play more of the video game.

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When a new round starts, the leading team plays Heroes first. This is to let the losing team get some intel on what kind of spawns they can expect when they get to play the heroes, as a minor catch up mechanic.


Thanks for clarification.

While that is an interesting reasoned Design decision, I also want to mention a possible alternative effect that I feel this can have on some players:

  • When one team is in the lead and building that lead up further by getting all the possible points or close to it, it has a very demotivating effect on the players of the other team. Players are very emotional and often don’t do the math between Round 1, 2 and 3. They see a point advantage of multiple hundred and go “this is unwillable”, quitting.
  • This Design Decision leads potentially to an uneven Skaven-Hero distribution, where the better players get to play heroes more often and unfortunate players Skaven more often. A lot of people like this game mode for the Skaven, so this serves as an indirect “punishment” for being good.

Even if it is more formulaic, my suggestion would be to stick to a classically even
“A > B > A > B > A > B” player team distribution. It arouses more feelings of fairness and is probably a more expected formula for this type of asymmetric gameplay.
Multiple times while playing, I heard people say during gameplay something to the effect of “Now it’s our turn to disrupt them” or “We’ll be Skaven next” with a surprised expression upon it not happening.

That’s just my 2 cents on the matter of course.


Left 4 Dead managed this expectation by still having the winning team start as the survivors, but communicating to both teams who’s gonna start the next map first. I think the issue described here would be a lot less prevalent if we were just told who’s going first based on point lead.


We’ve intentionally thrown games many many times today. And many other games that were abruptly cut short. I just want to play the game more I hate this feature. Everyone gets to play less of the video game if either team is winning too hard.

This system is stupid I hate it, I just wanna play the game but the scoring system says no so this is what happens as a result

You’ve made your point by now.

I’m still against it but now I’m also repeating myself :slight_smile:

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I’m going insane