Auto-end on win/loss 3

I’d like to continue playing the game even if the point difference is too big to make a difference. The game suddenly, automatically ending isn’t much fun in my opinion.

Please allow players to choose or vote whether or not they want to continue playing the last round after an auto-win/loss, either by giving players an end-of-round prompt or by introducing a separate matchmaking option.


yes, even in loss, i want to do all i can do to at least kick the butt of a gutter runner before dying… or taking somebody with me has a packmaster in the cold embrace of the void.

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As much as I like having a good discussion in here, this really didn’t need a 3rd thread.

I’ve already said all there needs to be said about this the previous two times :slight_smile:

I will keep repeating this feedback until implemented, besides, it’s impeding the testing process of these Alpha tests when you can never see a match to the end.