Audio mix seems off since Tools of War update/Voidstrike expl. eating up voices

Issue Description:
Since the latest Tools of War update (current patch is Hotfix 1.0.41), the audio mix has seemed off. Pinpointing specifically how it is off is difficult, but I will describe my experience:

I primarily play a Psyker using the Voidstrike staff, and in the games I’ve played since the last patch, the explosion SFX from the secondary fire seem to be drowning out and voicelimiting other sounds far more than they used to, and also occasionally having way more DSP/reverb than they used to.

Since I haven’t played any other classes recently, I don’t know if this is specifically a problem with the Voidstrike staff containers or its aux send levels, or is a sign of something that has more broadly changed with the overall project mix/bus structure or voicelimiting. If anything HAS changed recently in that regard, it might be worth the audio team taking a look.

Generally speaking, I consider Darktide a fantastic example of excellent sound design, music, and a great audio mix given the insane chaos of the gameplay, with lots of well implemented informational feedback. So understand that I’m coming from an otherwise very positive opinion on the matter.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Psyker class using the Voidstrike staff. (Issue may be broader, this is simply based on my experience.)
  2. Spam the Secondary fire to hear the explosions.
  3. Test in various conditions… busy combat, and different reverb spaces.
  4. Note that the explosions seem to be either drowning out or causing voicelimiting of SFX in a way that they previously were not.

Mission Name (N/A):

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Player ID:
[GamerTag: Asterin]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

Reproduction Rate: - Constant (100%)

Played again today and it reinforced my feeling that something was off. I felt jumped several times by enemies or situations that I feel I normally would have heard coming. Got jumped by a dog that I had no idea was even active, and got swarmed by a horde that I don’t think I heard the audio cue for.

Hopefully I’m not just convincing myself that something has changed when it hasn’t.

Horde noises seem to eat specialist cues too.

Played again tonight. Continued issues with audio dropouts.

Got jumped by a horde that I did not hear the audio cue for while playing my Psyker.

And then I played Magistrati Obliette on my Sharpshooter, and the awesome boss music in the final fight was dropping in and out throughout the entire battle.

I keep forgetting to vidcap, but I think I’ll attempt to gather some better evidence next time I play.

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