(Attempt at Humor) - My Cringe-gy Satirical take-aways from BBB

Continuing the discussion from Big Balance Beta - Patch Notes [Updated 29 Jul]:

My Cringe-gy Satirical take-aways from BBB

  • Kruber Greatsword is still sub-optimal - on armor, it’s like using the hollow card-board tube of a used-up paper-towel roll ( or does it seem this way because I play Cata games on PC with an Xbox controller and I need to git gud?.. not sure)

  • Sienna Mace makes me sad -> I want to feel like I’m swinging the flaming skull of some dead king. Please make me feel like I’m swinging the flaming skull of a dead king/lord/emperor/etc…

  • Handmaiden spear is only good for dancing imo - anything beyond that, just go with something else -> oddly enough Greatsword! - the new love child between Glaive and Spear. Has all benefits of both. (please don’t nerf…I beg u…don’t nerf Kerrilian GS)

  • I still end up using the exact same weapons with all characters (except Handmaiden - switched from Glaive, and maybe sometimes Merc). So much for change -> I still prefer to 2-shot a CW with exec on Cata, than push-block + strike the same CW 10 times with Great Sword (still ( o_o) ) … #progress

  • The only class I usually switch weapons on is IB - depending on whether I want to play a straight up “make space” tank (Axe and shield), or a front-line horde clearer (pick-axe and drake flame thrower). Oddly I get green circles now with IB with pick-axe now. Pick-axe is OP!

  • Apparently Legend players are ROFL-stomping their games -> running into Patrols screaming that they are the ubersreik 5, and using hook rats to perfect their dodges…meanwhile, us Cata players still heavily avoid Pats, and still crying when we RNG the Enchanted Lair… #nerf_nurgloth

  • Classes and careers are AMAZING NOW -> Holy pancakes, Unchained talent Health to Cooldown is the meta. I once tanked 2 rounds of a rattling gunner head-on as Unchained on Cata with this talent and Temp health on her ult - without going down. Unchained has once again become my best class

Ok all jokes aside, thank you FS for the attempt at balancing the weapons in VT2. We look forward to the next BBB iteration.

I also have to admit that I did say I didn’t think FS would actually take the weapon balance mod, and apply it to the main game. I was emphatically and whole-fully wrong and I acknowledge that. I stand corrected and humbled by that.

(BTW: My jokes are cringe… I know lol)

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