Attack speed can make or break good weapon

People often write about breakpoints and I get that it is also important but aside from ranged weapons I never cared about that on melee. You just have to swing one more time at worst but usually that enemy was stabbed/poisoned/set on fire before you even have a chance to hit him because your damage overlap.
Attack speed is much more important because on higher difficulties your attack window is shorter because enemies attack faster.

Now lets talk about BBB nerfs/bufs on two classes, RV and Merc. I love executioner sword on merc and played it often. I used 10% speed bonus from weapon and charm. Now after nerf to attack speed it feels very clunky. You see it is not only attack speed but also movement speed that was nerfed because of exe light attacks are now slower. Before you start arguing with me play few Cata games with exe and then with spear (random people no premade). You may have better damage on exe still but you are now very vulnerable and there is no competition for me. I have not tested other weapons yet but for me staying alive is more important than green circles.

Yesterday I played few games as RV and used greataxe and handgun. After RV changes + weapon buffs i really like what they did. I was always fan of greataxe and with bonus attack speed from ale it is safer to use. Handgun also can shoot faster now and is fun to use. Before I would said that RV was the worst class in game but now he is fun to play. You could use dual hammers before and crossbow but I prefer greataxe.


Especially for Kruber who has generally slow kit everything’s clunky nerfing attack speed because ex sword is popular was a big mistake.

2h sword , Bret swords are also clunky slow no matter how much AS you stack. If you don’t have a AS talent or proc going to have a bad time. Not to mention how a new player would see such a slow weapon as…


Pretty sure by this point everyone has.

But your post still hit on something I’ve been thinking about the last few days while struggling with Grail Knight. Nothing really shows just how necessary attack speed is like playing a class who actually doesn’t get any attack speed at all and feeling overwhelmingly slow and vulnerable even while using 1h weapons.

Now imagine the devs making his class exclusive weapon the slowest shield weapon in the game, lmao.


That’s why i personally dislike the nerf. Sure it achieves its goal but for me personally it literally destroys the weapons usability.
If the weapon instead got a flat 50 % damage reduction (extreme numbers) i would still use it because it really does not impact how i approach situations. With attack speed nerfed i literally have to rethink can i even kite something like a chaos spawn while doing damage. Can i actually manage to go for the 3rd swing which is now CRUCIAL for that extra crit chance or do i need to block cancel every 2nd auto, ETC. It is a massive feeling change for me and requires me to re-learn nearly everything about it.

I know some people have already stated 8.5 % is really nothing and they don’t feel it. But for me personally who has used the weapon since it was first introduced in V1 it has never felt as bad as it does in the BBB patch.

Don’t get me wrong i still believe the weapon probably deserves a nerf but i seriously disagree with the way its done.


Just noticed he walks slower than his other shields with new one as well… makes sense because its big but just another weakness for the weapon.

its because of the stupid mechanic, attack speed and attack animation…
if the weapon have a slow attack animation its slows your attack speed even if you stack a lot of attack speed!

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The exo was only really strong on merc it was not the same on footknight or huntsman, even still it was only really strong if you were on point with your movement and dodging.

The nerf to exo has made it nearly a no pick on anything but merc and grail and its only good on grail due to his crit talent making the overhead one of the best elite killing attacks in the game otherwise i personally see no reason to pick it over the halbred or spear now.

This is based around cata difficulty.


I would say still usable with FK, with Attack Speed on Charge talent or push attack speed but otherwise yeah takes work to make up for the short coming.

Sure, the Exe sword isn’t lol-easy anymore, but it’s still plenty usable. Honestly, Merc doesn’t even need swift slaying on the exe sword. I made a pretty fun build on him with extra cleave power, opportunist and enhanced training to ez-stagger everything in front of me and still attack pretty fast. Grail knight and Footknight still perform pretty well with it, but to be honest I haven’t really tried it on huntsman yet.

Sure, now you have to think a little more, block a little more often, and be a bit smarter about your dodges. But that’s the price you pay for such a tasty heavy attack and stagger power on its lights, I think.


If they wanted a nerf on Executioner’s Sword, they could’ve just slow a bit down the “repeating speed”, not the “swing speed”.

That seems highly hyperbolic.

Yeah, that’s probably the point. They made it slower because it’s a big ass executioner sword, but they kept its high damage and headshot multiplier because it’s a big ass executioner sword.


Anyone who said this has probably never played much with exe sword or is a player with very bad game sense

Complitley agree with you, sure with skill the weapon can still be effective but if you care about efficency you better not pick that weapon on Cata anyways.

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Anyone who said this has probably never played much with exe sword or is a player with very bad game sense

He is right, I also play game since launch of V1 and used it often. I tried all 2H weapons on merc and exe is by far the worst now and before nerf it was Cata viable. 8,5% is huge difference because it affects also how often you proc swift slaying, your movement and talents.

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Yet it was already the slowest weapon in the entire game. IF we go by this logic then why is greataxe 2x faster, 2H sword 2x faster i mean i could insert nearly every “heavy” weapon in the entire game to this list and they are generally significantly faster while still doing pretty dam reasonable damage.
Like sure nerf the heavy’s speed by 50 % for all i care but every single swing pattern?

Whatever, for me its something that has destroyed the weapon and i would rather use nearly anything else like spear or halberd next patch and my performance would be significantly better than with current exe.
AGAIN if you are fine with it and notice NO DIFFERENCE +1 for you.
Like at this point it hardly matters what i think when it comes to balance.

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Not true. Light attacks were slightly faster than greatsword heavies, faster than pickaxe lights, probably faster than greataxe and 2h hammer heavies as well. Heavy attacks are only marginally slower than a lot of other heavy attacks, and definitely faster than pickaxe heavies.

Well that seems kind of sad. There’s been several changes made which I was behind of, and some that I was against as well. There are thousands of people playing the game, obviously the devs aren’t just going to listen to one person.

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I seriously cannot understand by feel alone how it ever was faster than 2h axe or even 2h sword. I guess some statistics would be needed.
But I’ve really said what I’ve wanted and its clearly a change thats not going away anyways. I can live with it but i definitely don’t agree with it.

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I like exec to be slower because I think big, heavy weapons should be slower. Sorry, I like logic. But on the other hand big and slow weapons should deal more damage.

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Yeah, if they slowed down ex sword’s speed. Then they should’ve increase the damage of ex sword.

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Greatsword heavies will not slow you as much as EXE lights, noone was using pickaxe, greataxe and 2h hammer also will not slow you down as much because after you charge attack you can move faster with the swing.
That was my point! It also slows down your movement not just attack speed.


Yeah excatly, make the weapon feel like you are using strong heavy attacks.

Sure this is true if your aim is just to have fun with the heavy and mostly rely on the team to take care of most of treats but for actual efficency the price is just not worth, 2hh and helbard do better job than exe sword basically in evry way.

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